Adjustment OVERLOAD?! Mizuno GT180 Driver Review

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Adjustment OVERLOAD!! Mizuno GT180 Driver Review

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q. What do you think about the adjustment overload?

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Gary M says:

Your hatred of the colour is becoming boring.

Jengibreification says:

Don’t like the blue as much on the drivers, eh? It does seem a bit much on a huge head like that I guess but didn’t you like the blue on the Mizuno hybrids and 3-woods of old (aka 2017)?

Marcus Skarland says:

I think if training won’t help my game why not go buy this driver and I will hit the ball 300+ yards and always in the fairway, right???

Travis Hall says:

way too much imo. a couple of bad drives, let's change something on the driver rather than change something with your swing.

Love the black finish, so clean. wonder why only one color

Cheston Hulett says:

Adjusting your club just doesn't seem critical. You can't adjust your club midway through the round, so you set the club for the most optimal play and hit the tee box. I personally would love to see 2018 technology in 2002 size. I play my Titleist 975j over my 910 D2 because the 975j simply gives me a great launch angle with a solid spin rate. The materials of today compressed back into a 300cc or 275cc head. I'd be very interested.

sarah sarah says:

Too many movements…..just a reason for some one to change it after every bad hit………(not for me) but Mizuno good products..?

Phillip Castillo says:

How does it work with all the weights removed?

Chuck Roles says:

I've got the JPX 900, and I agree the settings were a bit overwhelming at first. But after playing around with the weights for an afternoon at the range, I really really like that club. Just have to have the discipline to not break the tool out every time you mishit one. Also, took the alignment piece off the bottom. That would be my only gripe, it seems unnecessary.

Lance Simon says:

No such thing as too much adjustment. After all, you don't have to adjust it if you don't want to.

Joche Crespo says:

Rick, if one day Im fading and another day im drawing, can the adjustability help?

pcbmastbbxq says:

if it takes more than 100 adjusting of your driver to hit it well you need a lesson….. after a certain point you have to just admit your bad at golf

Taylor Sawyer says:

I feel like with too much adjustability, the player might believe that he didn't hit the perfect shot because it wasn't adjusted perfectly

TheMookyj says:

In an ideal world you should get fitted using a club like this and get given a driver you cant then adjust.

Mike Carver says:

My comment is about getting fitted. Does a persons "fitting" ever change? If so, would you then need a new driver or would a driver with adjustments help when that happens? How often should you get fitted? Example: Say you get fitted "before" you watch your videos on how to solve your slice (very good videos). Would you want a different driver then? My golf activity has slowed a lot over the last few years due partly to physical problems (minor) and felt I had reached my limit of getting better (now 68 and started at 55). Going to try and get more active and watching your videos has been very helpful. Thanks.

Jordan Helms says:

Very nice review as always.

Sween Bean says:

I don't like your swing with driver

Sween Bean says:

Stop asking for likes

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