#AGGLive Final Round From Augusta

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Fred A says:

what guitar were you playing? Make and model?

notformebeaky says:

It's bad enough when people wear golf gear to go to events, but wearing your golf gear watching it on tv is hilariously bad.


Eat with your mouth closed ….fking disgusting , mark you are a terrible eater , slapping your lips …absolutely foul

Christopher Hales says:

1:07:57 is statement of the century from mark.

Austin Wilkinson says:

What's happend to the other live videos from the final round mark or anyone ?

Brian Shovlar says:

why no masters matchplay this year?

Kirsten Kelling says:

So funny. Well done again lads.

David Boddy says:

Wanna see you guys watching what happened on 12!!!

Tom Boddy says:

You guys NEED a reality TV show, pronto.

Sam Scott says:

this cuts off before all the fun happened…

Participant says:

What time in this vid does Jordan drop a bollock? That's all I want to see.

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