AJ Bonar Driver Lesson and Stan Leonard’s Secret | Be Better Golf

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AJ Bonar talks about the driver and making “the move” with the hands (top of face over the bottom of the face) through impact. Also talks about Canadian Golf legend Stan Leonard's key which was to cup the left wrist at set up and bow it through impact. Stan was good friends with Ben Hogan who did that same wrist cupping move but at the top of his swing. AJ contends they both did that so they could aggressively bow the wrist through impact without any fear of hooking it.

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JCHangtime says:

When i got fitted & picked the right shaft to my driver i started hitting the center of the face.

David - says:

The ball placed a couple of inches outside is to assist you in swinging inside to out and not casting or pulling left. I use it all the time in warm-up.

The PNW Rider says:

It’s way too complicated for myself. I understand what he is teaching. I just think of it as slamming a car door. I setup with a neutral grip and just shift my weight and turn my hips. I don’t do anything with my arms they just drop and follow the body. Once my hips are open and the club head is accelerating I can swing my arms harder. It’s sort of pulls me to my finish and my body can’t move any farther as my lead legs knee is locked.

If I want to hit a draw or a fade I use open or close my stance a bit. I can do what AJ does with my hands but I am not as consistent.

jaxortjackie05 says:

At 20:25 he points to a part of the club and says ‘this goes faster than this’ could you explain what he was pointing at? Thanks!

justlovethisgame says:

Was AJ ever a single figure Hcp! Can't believe people are buying into this pathetic instruction!

justlovethisgame says:

Worst instruction ever seen on YouTube! This will surely drive beginners away from the game! Another video where the teacher only waffles and does not hit any golf balls, we want to see AJ actually put his own words into action and lets read the print out from Trackman and study the figures! Terrible!

tejanochris says:

I use the whip swing which has much better results.

Cuda Garage says:

Pros do this all the time. open the face and do the reverse motorcycle move with left hand. All sports have timing.. it's ridiculous to think that golf is different. Great video.

Rob Saxe says:

I really like what you're doing here. Your channel concept is really beneficial. I used to work as a pga pro and I found value in working with several different instructors/coaches. You learn something unique from each one. Sometimes golfers get locked into this or that when the target is always moving depending on the day. While his numbers are a little off and I know I've changed my large muscle movements over time, AJ is spot on in what he's saying about the hands. I'd love to take a lesson from this guy. Probably the easiest place to start and most productive. Thanks for what you're doing.

Jode Powell says:

The great thing about this lesson is someday everyone is going to get older and not be able to turn their hips through the golf swing.. The great thing about the players of the 70s they could use hands controlling the ball with blades which is a lost art in today world of golf..

Diego Holiway says:

I have a super light weight driver, Wilson D200. Since I don't have a lot of speed, would it make more sense for me to get a bit heavier driver to get more foot pounds with the same speed at impact, at greatest moment of inertia?

Larry Simmons says:

Took a clinic from A J some years ago along with a "playing lesion"  A J duck hooks hisfirst tee OB. This guy is all talk………..

J. Tijerina says:

Be Better Golf _ Through the process you have been big on feel…for you what was the feel you were looking for with thumb over the pinky? And was there a drill you associated with this?

Danny Jones says:

Watch "Slow Motion Swings" posted by Jason Down, every pro's hands are in the same basic position through impact, this is what AJ is trying to explain?.. Top over the bottom puts your hands in the correct position through impact.

Sean M says:

Golf is not ping-pong. Golf is not baseball. Golf is not carpentry. Golf is not automotive. Golf is golf!

clint crusberg says:

Dear brenden the problem with all these teachers you go to to learn and get better is none of them talk about the most important thing of the golf swing which is posture. You have to maintain your posture during your entire golf swing especially before and right after impact. Everything else should come natural everyone swings different some faster some with different curvatures. If you do that your back swing will get perfect with no over extension your your arm sequence you and monete always talk about will sync on it’s own from a lot of practice and time. Depending on your athleticism and hand eye coordination will determine how good you can become but make no mistake our body and hands are very responsive just let them be and if you have to maintain your posture from a 30 yard pitch to a 300 yard drive to make great contact and let you motion happen naturally the more you do it the better you will become it’s that simple

Johnny Mac says:

Great video. Would like to here AJ's thoughts about the modern tour pros that keep the left wrists bowed throughout the swing like DJ does.

Joseph Wachtel says:

You needed to have another cameraman. The camera angles don’t show the hand positions you are trying to emphasize.

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