Almost Live Sunday Night Golf Show Ft Me & My Golf

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Almost Live Sunday Night Golf Show Ft Me & My Golf
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Drew Robbins says:

That really needed a certain piece of piano music playing while Peter was
walking away then ;)

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Almost Live Sunday Night Golf Show Ft Me & My Golf @MeMyGolf @PFGolfPro

Video turns very funny, must watch till the end! 

Steve Taylor says:

Lydia Ko win the Canadian Open at 15, she Started getting couching at 6. 

Dan Manley says:

That was the best end to a video ever. That on it’s own is worth 100k

Kevin Boudreau says:

Great video Rick,… but edit the ending when you didn’t know you were on
video. #FinchWalkingOntoTheSunset

Jake Conroy says:

Cheers guys, love the videos, thanks for answering my question +
RickShielsPGAGolf @PeterFinchGolf +Meandmygolf 

gordon o'riordan says:

Ann Summers are looking to sponsor golfers for their new Winter range guys,
not too sure if A: It would keep you warm enough, and B: If you would get
more subscribers or subscribers leaving at the sight of ye in scantily clad
Ann Summers sponosered gear

David R says:

Can’t wait for the swing analysis…would love to see you reciprocate, Rick
and Pete.

eddie emerson says:

Hey rick, you should make a video on the fairway wood duff that rory hit
and analyse what went wrong as it seems too familiar 

Spencer Mulcahy says:

Top vids chaps very funny is Pete back yet from his walk.

Mathew Tuomey says:

Great Vid guys, keep up the good work, very addictive viewing! have you
tried Skypro?

don blem says:

Hilarious video guys! Great to see you all helping each others channels

Daniel Waring says:

great video guys! thanks for answering the questions.

inathaniel11 says:

You and Peter need matching outfits…thinking khaki pants and pink shirts

Mike from Louisiana says:

I love peters new logo!!! Too cool

Chris Longley says:

another quality video! haha #camerastillrolling

Rick Howarth says:

Matching outfits is a must…

Dan Birkin says:

Yeah the end is classic !!!

daveyhitch says:

It’s Mauve… That’s the colour a Smurf turns when strangled.

Yang Liu says:

one of your best video Rick, well done!

karl griffiths says:

Great work all week :-)

colin Hill says:

GGGGreat show guys

Kr0pD says:

Cool ending

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