Are Titleist Drivers Actually Getting Better?

How does the brand new Titleist TSR driver perform and is it better than its predecessors?

I've put the Titleist 915, TS, TSi and TSR head to head to find out just how much Titleist drivers have changed.

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20 thoughts on “Are Titleist Drivers Actually Getting Better?

  1. 915 D2 was my first and still my driver (bought in nov 2018 new). Have tried stealth, TSI3, and maybe got 2-3 yards more. But also lost some bad weight (fat) and worked on mobility in past 3 months and hitting 915 an extra 10 yards. 900-1100 $AUD not worth gains at moment.

  2. I tried the TSi (TSR wasn’t available), along with the new stealth. Both of em produced more than my old 913, but at the end of the day, I can launch all 3 in the trees with equal abandon, so I decided to skip the $6-$800 upgrade for now…..

  3. New to your channel..Thank you for this excellent video comparison. I love the 915 but was looking for +20yards and was just fitted/bought new TSR3. Really excited to put in play and hv 1-2 clubs less going into par 4s which should translates to more greens hit in reg. Cheers.

  4. Great video, lovely swing. Really enjoy your reviews. I hate to be the guy to say it, but B1 does not deloft – it is the 0.75 flat setting. If you wanted to deloft by 0.75 it would be the D1 setting. New driver is still a beast and absolutely should be in your bag.

  5. Seen a few reviews now and think it is better (maybe not the TSi3 to TSR3) but yes, in the 2.
    All reviews are from youtubers who have been fit from Titleist and either paid or given free drivers?
    Love to see how they compare with the Stealth, Rogue and LTd

  6. Great review!!! Your review was very helpful, detail and fun to watch! Like the way you covered the line up going back. Ty!! Looking forward to this Driver!

  7. I loved the TSi and would love the TSr but I am hitting my TS3 so baddly at this moment (probably because I am intimidated by the tight links course I‘ve been playing lately that I cannot justify the 500£ and just need to find a way keeping me drives on the fairways. Great review itherwise

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