I WENT FROM 262 to 320 Golf Drives. THERE ARE NO SECRETS

In this video, I will share with you how I went from averaging 262 yards off the tee to averaging 320 yards. And the best part is that it's not as hard as you might think.

If you want to increase your golf driving distance, watch this video and learn how to swing faster!

Use these ideas to improve any part of your golf game, from driver to irons, and lower your golf scores. Mark Crossfield shares years of coaching experience for FREE for all golfers.

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22 thoughts on “I WENT FROM 262 to 320 Golf Drives. THERE ARE NO SECRETS

  1. i swing around 114 maybe 110 game. i bet with a few personal videos form you and a couple months in the gym i could swing 120mph and game 114. im 5'4 and 140lbs. Wanna bet lol?

  2. Feeling age getting me, I've had PF for about 9 months now. Physio told me to buy and only wear ASIC footwear. I love your content and presentation. But on this occasion could you PLEASE tell me if I can get ASICS for shoes in the U.K.? Come on Marky-boy, I know you can hook me up?????

  3. this is definitely a good change… if I can be honest I stopped watching your channel because you could not hit the ball.
    good job. you now have my attention.
    only thing now is you look a lil forced for the speed instead of complete use of entire body for power.
    still good job

  4. How can I find out the average club head speed to carry the ball 50 yards? Would it be the same for LPGA, PGA and recreational golfers since the ball is going 50 yards

  5. Mark your videos are really getting better. I used to watch you a few years back and found you quite condescending towards beginners. While clearly very skilled yourself, you were almost mad at anyone else for trying to get there. More recently you are using less vague language and appear to have a lot more sympathy towards the amateurs. I've learned a tonne from your videos lately and shot my best round last night by employing some of your advice. Thank you

  6. IS the launch moniter fixed ? If not then why in the launch moniter do i hit straight 200yd but on course straight anything between 231 254 yds. Paul

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