Ben Hogan in the office 1967 MASTERS Range

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Terry Bader says:

The crazy thing about Hogan's 66 in 1967 is that his putting had declined precipitously by that point. He did it with precision ball striking. Jimmy Demerit said Hogan's swing was like watching a bottle cap making machine…every one looked the same.

GreatIndia TV says:

Such a smooth swing, try to copy it and you will find out the degree of difficulty.

chessman19 says:

a true master golfer

Terry .W says:

jack nicklaus always said he played some of his best golf with a bad back because he felt it and knew his limitations. so its very possible hogan had an injury from the accident that forced him to swing a certain way and voila.

Rob Houlding says:

Coming back from that accident was a lot more special than coming back from a divorce. If you know what I mean.

Dreama40 says:

how lucky for those guys to be watching such a great master in action. His swing created so much levreage and its easy to imagine how crisp his ball contact must have been, he was so late in his downswing, pure leverage, nicklaus once said if u wanna play this game well your legs need to be in great shape, hogans comeback from his accident to win how he did, AMAZING…True champion…..

Anthony Mead says:

Wonderful co-ordination. He was sensational. No player on the tour has come close to the perfection of shot making that Hogan achieved. Not even Nicklaus.

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