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In this video I break down what I believe helped Ben Hogan, Moe Norman, and Lee Trevino hit the ball so straight and the secret is in the left knee!

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Garth Downton says:

Hogans swing was not achievable for myself , lacked the necessary foot , leg, hip action to make the swing repeatable , however , with a lot of work and experiment , Moe's move or at least my version of it , is very adequate . Better than average distance and arrows at age 61 . No back issues . Cancer and chemo slowed me down for a couple of years but the move is improving . I now hit a half bucket or so. I do not get it when people say there is no power in Moe's move . Just not true !!!

Tim Flaherty, MBA, ME says:

You have to know MOE'S CODE to understand what he is saying.

Patrick McGee says:

Yeah and what if you're not a good golfer cause you're too worried about swings and distance AND this and that,not playing golf..

mattrose79 says:

Same rationale for Byron Nelson's knee dip

Danielsan says:

This is genius… I have been thinking this (getting the club square in a longer period of time). I have been thinking swing left (I'm lefthand) and drive through with my lower body first. Your swing will actually not swing left because of the move of the lower body. It "straightens" so to speak, to the target. I feel more free. No flip, but natural release after the hit.
Hard to explain because the feel, explanation, understanding is so different from person to person.

Oh, and remember lateral sidebend, stay back with your head and find your own way with what you got (meaning forget perfect positions of the golf club). You will never be like Mr. Hogan.
If you natural shot is a fade. Do not change it but make it better and more consistent!
Own and trust your swing ?

JiH JP says: at de end, he talks of similar… circular swing around chest, not wrist/hand

Striker 333 says:

The Hogan and Norman swing, the body is very bowed at impact. What I love about Hogan's swing is how his lower body moves into the ball but his head, and for that matter his upper body, stays well back of the ball. Just focus on his head (go to the full body video, you can't see his head here) as his arms swing and as his lower body moves into the ball, amazing. Keep your head still and so much will go right.

vachief says:

Most golf instructors tell you not to sway or slide during the downswing….however that kind of lateral slide appears to be exactly what Hogan, Norman and Trevino are doing. It's a distinguishing feature compared to the standard rotary swing.

Christo….can you discuss / demonstrate that for us Hogan fans?

Scott Willi says:

"I never want to wrinkle my shoes"

I like that.

Ligerpride says:

Great to see two of my golf swing heroes in one video. Norman and Hogan are definitely the two players who always seemed to have the swing cracked, Byron too of course, but obviously there little to no videos of his swing.

Speaking of good swings, your own swing is looking particularly sharp these days Christo.

TheRidicckk says:

What about the right knee, Christo? When Mr. Hogan talks of moving the lower body I see more of an effort of getting the right knee more forward than the left and that the left knee moving ahead of the ball is the effect of that. I see in a lot of great strikers such as Hogan that the right knee at impact is past their head. I think that knee action brings about a lot of great impact positions such as staying behind the ball, not getting "off sides" as Bobby Lopez likes to say, and getting the right shoulder to drop getting you in that position to hit. Curious to see what your thoughts on that and if we are seeing more of an effect with the left knee due to the right knee moving toward the target and past the head.

tylerflip says:

i feel like every video on this channel is just a sales pitch for your instructional videos. Why not on the course Vlogs or some drills?

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