Ben Hogan's Hip Turn is THE BEST KEPT SECRET of the Golf Swing

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Ben Hogan's hip turn in the golf swing is rarely discussed in golf swing instruction today but it remains to be one of the most valuable golf swing pieces that you need to know to be good at golf (the best kept secret of the golf swing). Ben Hogan's golf swing is often interpreted literally as “he wrote what he actually did”. In reality, Ben Hogan wrote what he “felt”. This leads to a lot of misconceptions about what he actually did in the golf swing. These golf swing misconceptions create problems for golfers looking to improve their golf games.

This episode looks at Ben Hogan's hips and how you can use his ACTUAL hip motion to improve your golf swing. To quote Happy Gilmore when talking about the golf swing, “It's all in the hips”. This advice reigns true and there's a reason why Ben Hogan viewed the hips as the part of the golf swing that makes the golf swing AUTOMATIC. When you look at exactly how the hips work in the golf swing you will begin to see how Ben Hogan really felt and also understand the golf swing on a much deeper level. This episode will take your golf game to the next level.

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Ben Hogan Chapters
0:00 Introduction
0:23 Ben Hogan's Hip Turn Explained
1:54 The Ben Hogan Hips in the Swing
5:34 Measuring Weight – V1 Pressure Mat
9:35 Ben Hogan Hip Turn Analysis – V1 App
14:46 Ben Hogan Leg Action
16:22 The WORST VS BEST Golfers

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SagutoGolf says:

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Thomas Marengi says:

What a rude awakening! Been doing it incorrectly for 40 years. Ugh.

Tactical Truth says:

Tom, so weight of the lead leg during the backswing means weight toward the target not toward the ball? What about a little lead leg heel lift that we see from some good players, what does that mean with regard to weight distribution during the backswing?

Joseph Shawa says:

Great video, Tom. I think you should do it over though. You're Ben Hogan swing that you performed needs your latest experience 🙂

Norbert Braun says:

Makes sense to me

Robbie Rosnack says:

Tom, you are an absolute genius and really good at teaching this. A cue that’s worked great for me is the feeling of crunching my right side to initiate the downswing. I think that’s sort of the same thing here with the “automatic starter”. I was at the range today and couldn’t miss a shot after this clicking. Absolutely blasting every iron 7i and above 200+ yards. Great stuff and keep up the content!

Mark H. Garrett says:

Trail leg is not straight. It is bent in his pants. The tail leg staigntens at the end not the start or during the back swing. The photo you show is after the weight tranfer. Then the right leg has the vast majority of weight on it. And the hips can then unwind producing radial torque. Your analysis is flawed.

Mark H. Garrett says:

Not sure it's the hip turn that puts weight onto the front leg. You can see a slight pause and then the weight transfers from right to left. The hip rotation is done long before that . This means the slight lateral shift, that actually stalls the back swing, is caused by a push of the right feet and leg to cause the weight transfer. And the slightly bent right knee straightens. Watch closely to the video

Kevin Shoemaker says:

I have watched a ton of golf vids, and my impression is that the weight transfer starts mid backswing from trail to front foot. The stack and tilt put too much pressure on lower back and right leg and too much emphasis on hip twist for an older guy. Not saying your recommendation does not work but every golfer is unique. Love a lot of your content though

Grant Davis says:

After viewing your lesson I searched YouTube, I see 2 things, you know what you're talking about, and you need a better haircut.(or a Hat)

aviatorAW says:

After viewing your lesson I searched YouTube for several Ben Hogan videos. He talks about several aspects in his 5 fundamentals book. It became vividly clear to me that the most dominant feature of his swing was the forward weight shift and tailbone movement toward the target. His tempo appears quick on those old films and his arms are close to his body. His backswing is compact. To me it’s clear that that hip move was the core of his swing. Thank you for giving this the attention it deserves.


Thanks, Tom! I have had a number of "traditional golf swing lessons" since I took up golf for real in 1997. I am 77 years old now, retired and working on a way to graduate back to the white tees (club tees) from the green tees (forward tees). Some of what you are teaching via analysis of Ben Hogan's swing is similar to the "stack and tilt" fundamentals, i.e., weight forward, left shoulder goes down (which happens if you turn your hips), arms straight, hands in and hips tucked. All of that seems to happen in the great video of Hogan's swing in your selected videos. Having returned to using many elements of stack & tilt have helped me. BUT THIS VIDEO OF HOGAN AND YOUR ANALYSIS give me real hope. I really don't care whether I get back to the white tees; I just want to play better golf, and it seems to be happening now. Thanks, again, Tom!

Steve Partain says:

I watched this video just now, went out on my property and smashed 10 golf balls without warming up and i'm 65 and play once every year at best. I am now doing a deep dive on your system, it is making me play everyday in the yard getting that swing down, it's fun and I want to beat my Son 1 day. lol.

Steven Klinkhamer says:

Mr. Thick skull had to run some of these vids a few times. But guess what? It eventually sinks in what you're key points of instruction are, and what it is, exactly that Mr. Thick skull, needs to do, to benefit from this instruction.
Thanks again for another great tip.

Zebra Zport says:

You annalise video footage! It's very misleading!

Zebra Zport says:

You all are confusing students and golfers! You are in fact promoting TWISTING!……the hips. The term Rotation is out of context!
And TWISTING action pull the body out of line!
The hips is shoved lateral towards target…….NOT TWISTED ACROSS (schew) target line.
Learn some body dynamics bru. Hips…connect to torax… connect to shoulders…..!…….arms…….hands!
LATERAL SHIFT(SHOVE) is the name of the game!

Lefty Duffer says:

Thank you! I've swayed off the ball for decades! The tail bone slide forward was a game changer that finally killed my sway back.

shay stern says:

creepy how he sidles up to the camera

tim kelleher says:

What about the increase in the risk of shanking by moving the weight on the front leg??

steve wood says:

For me I want you talk about stance foot position turning left foot 45° towards target wider for driver shorter for wood irons as numbers go up. 3w 3i 4i 5i ….9i… SW stance is not as wide. B

Andrew Arfon Jones says:


Suzi Holden says:

Mr Hogan doesn’t completely straighten his right leg other wise he would have problems with his hips . I love listening to you but I think you wrong about the right leg.x

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