The TRICK to Leading With Your Hips In The Golf Swing

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14 thoughts on “The TRICK to Leading With Your Hips In The Golf Swing

  1. I appreciate Eric cause even though he's a good golfer, the fact that he's curious about the golf swing and asks his guest for their technique is awesome

  2. Incredibly useful and clear vid. I've "felt" the looseness and the sequencing this creates, but it comes and goes…never knew how to lock it down. Thanks!

  3. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent explanation. I feel this will transform my game. I actually stopped at the 12 minute mark just to comment. I can't wait to work this in to my practice and game.

  4. I wish I would have started playing after this video. I have been counterintuitively trying to swing to hard. Slow and rhythmic is the key.

  5. love it – Eric, do you have any videos that talk about the “sit down” move that appears to be happening on the faster downswings here? It’s a pretty apparent ‘drop’ that seems to happen. thx! @eric cogorno golf

  6. This is one of the best explanations I’ve ever seen of this concept and the slowing down piece is so key to getting these moves ingrained. Thank you for this one!!

  7. Amazing video… For a beginner like me struggling to really rotate my hips, the femur / opening the left knee towards the target is A GOLDEN ADVICE…

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