In this tip I show you a great drill to get more clubhead speed. It teaches you how to loosen your wrists throughout your whole golf swing. This is one of my best drills so make sure you do it consistently.

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If you want more club head speed doesn't it make sense that you need a looser wrist hinge? I should because until now you have been swinging as hard as you can but not hitting your irons pure or hitting your driver longer.

So if you're stuck spinning your wheels maybe there is a different way to get more distance. Watch this wrist hinge drill and within minutes you can start to loose up.

This drill is done with irons but you can do it with your driver too. You can do this at home, at the practice range or even when you play. The more you do it the looser your writs will become. The looser the wrists the faster the club will swing which will translate to longer irons and more driver distance.

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13 thoughts on “BEST DRILL TO LOOSEN YOUR WRISTS (Get More Clubhead Speed)

  1. Now I can work with you live with my new app called CoachLink. If I can see you, I can help you no matter where you are in the world. I can assess your swing, check your grip or swing positions, watch you at the range or even when you play. Find out more here: Thank you for your support!

  2. Just FYI. 60 years old. Just started golfing again after 7 years off so to illness. Was not hitting anything solid.

    Just hit a bucket max drive was 250! Most in the 220 range but swinging 60 to 70%.

    My swing tempo mantra is “Hinge…..unhinge.” Works wonders!

    Thank you so much for your videos!

    Hope to play a real round this spring.


  3. It seems to me that this creates terrible inconsistency. Not controlling the face means the ball may go further but it is wildly left and right depending on your timing.

  4. Beautiful looking course!!!!I would give my first born to get off the tee box!!!Im always the worst in our foursome, pretty deflating. Usually its either a dribbler or baaaad slice. Thx for videos, cant wait to try.

  5. Thanks Paul. I am finding the wrist hinging is helping my distance, but I am noticing that cup alot at the top. Can can you comment on this. Thanks

  6. Practising on the range with a driver i hit nineteen out of twenty shots dead straight but the distance isn’t that significant,this drill changes things because of the different plane,i do the excercise you advocate Paul then go to a normal swing on the grip proper but keeping your swing thought in my mind,it works wonders,one of your best lessons ever Paul,many thanks.

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