Increase Club Head Speed TODAY | Pros Do This Downswing Move And You Can Too!

Increase club head speed for seniors and all golfers losing distances. If you want to hit longer shots with an effortless golf swing and increase distance even as a senior golf swing owner or if you have an inconsistent golf swing that comes over the top or hit slices, this is the golf lesson and swing speed drill for you.

The best golf swing to increase club head speed has an efficient sequence and it's natural. Too many golfers try too hard with their bodies to swing faster and this does not increase swing speed or increase distances.

There are many errors that cause losing golf swing speed and clubhead speed and usually it's simple golf tips to fix the downswing sequence. Here in this golf video lesson, you Learn 2 of the biggest mistakes in trying to increase clubhead speed by trying to hit the golf ball harder. This causes Early extension in the golf swing and also over the top golf swing moves.

The split hands drill will help move your arms in the golf swing transition faster into the slot and enable a sequence for effortless golf swing power and consistency.

Even if you are a senior golfer and not trying t get on to the PGA tour, you can hit longer drives with more consistency when you do the downswing and transition correctly for faster swing speed without losing accuracy

Pro golf tip and how the pros start the downswing to increase club head speed

The basic move from the top is to move the grip of the golf club, the swing the handle as it were from transition fast. Smooth but fast. This is what most of the fastest golf swings do and you can as well.

0:00 how to Increase club head speed in golf
3:00 Early extension clubhead speed killer
6:00 Stop coming over the top and spinning hips
8:30 How to increase club head speed in golf
10:30 best golf swing drill for downswing speed

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Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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26 thoughts on “Increase Club Head Speed TODAY | Pros Do This Downswing Move And You Can Too!

  1. I've been watching lots of your videos now for a few weeks Alex, but only had chance today to put it into practice. What a difference its made. I tried moving the left foot out of the way also and your core a arm rotation techniques. Went on the range and smashed my irons with baby draws and fades. Went on the course and pared the first 2 holes. Hole 3 hit a 9 iron in to the green and birdied a 10 foot putt. Its just made so much difference to my swing. Even smashing my long irons with more conviction and precision. I always struggled with anything below a 6 iron. Thank you so much Alex.

  2. Thanks for the lesson. So, you would want to pull the handle down, butt pointing at the ground right – rather than pulling it towards the lead side, butt pointing at the target? To promote a slinging action of the club head? Correctly understood? Cheers Martin

  3. So when you are demonstrating the quick hands, should one keep the forearms rotated (causing the shaft to lay down a bit) and pull down away from the body (at an angle straight down towards the ball)?

  4. The thought/action of acceleration of handle makes a lot of sense. Too often, when I try to accelerate club head, I get flappy with hands. Acceleration of handle would stabilize things, I’d think.

  5. Thanks Alex, another great video. Standing more upright (especially with the driver) is something I try to be conscious of at setup. My poor shot (usually with driver) is what they call "humping the goat" – I know when I am doing it because I start to get lower back pain 3/4 of the way through a round.

  6. Great video, I think you've just confirmed what I'm doing wrong, I'm trying to swing fast rather than a really nice smooth swing. I wouldn't say I gain distance like I'm about 135 yards with a 7 iron but it's about keeping the ball straight and with no effort which is what I'm not doing right now

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