Best Driver Distance Drill

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It seems like there's a common misconception out there with golfers where it's thought that distance has to come at the expense of accuracy.

What if I told you that the research shows that the longer hitters tend to also be the straightest hitters?

In today's video, I'm going to give you a tip that will help you “load up” for more power and will also help stabilize your swing so that you don't lose any accuracy.

I'll also show you a really cool drill that will promote the TSG “Power Turn” and help you get better lower body rotation in your swing.

Getting the proper “feel” for what's supposed to be happening in your golf swing can sometime be all you need to switch on that light bulb in your head.

Let's get started…..

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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26 thoughts on “Best Driver Distance Drill

  1. Love this drill Clay, so simple and easy to practice to help us get more distance off the tee. It's what every golfer needs to practice. Cheers

  2. Great video as always. I'm having issues with my left hip stalling / not clearing at impact. I watched your video about the angle of the legs and where your knees are pointed. Would you suggest getting the left knee pointed a particular direction side-impact? Any swing thoughts for getting the left side cleared out?

  3. I almost watch all of your video and even more than twice. I admire your sharing and that really inspire and work on me. However, I did everything that I can do, I saw my ball flight is dead straight at the club head speed of 107, no matter how fast I swing. The distance only increases a little bit, the carry distance is at most 233 yards. What might cause the problem? Skill or club issue? My clubs are a package set and the flex of my driver is R.

  4. Great tips! Absolutely on!!! I used to be longer with a wider stance, but now shorter because of a shoulder-width stance per mainstream teachings. Coach l especially love your left heel off the ground on the backswing which had allowed me to out-drive my buddies on my last round. Thanks a mil!

  5. Hi Clay, great video, yet again, at contact, should we be somewhat square with the ball with our body, to find the fairway, or is there an anchor thought for hitting the short grass? thank you

  6. Great video. Do you have any videos on the takeaway? I get in trouble from the start with my driver and try to play catch-up the rest of the swing

  7. Any hockey players out there? Can you build on what Clay says? How do you get that awesome speed on slap shots? (like Clay, I too do not play hockey)

  8. These tips are great to try, and keep if they work. I like the "more than one way to skin a cat," approach that Clay uses. It gives people ideas that might just be the magic remedy that adds 20 or more yard to their drives. Thumbs up.

  9. Excellent video Clay! Thanks for sharing this. Just a couple of questions if I may. At impact it looks as if shoulders and hips are pretty open. If so by what amount? presumably this helps to bring impact point further forward? Regards. Ian. Inverness Scotland

  10. I tried this technique and gained 30 yards and have raked up 25 extra yards going from R7 to RBZ to Epic to Rogue to Epic Flash and gained 15 yards with the speedsticks. 25 yards with the gym work. 10 yards with the pre round stretches and around 10 with the improved diet. I now hit driver 450 but the driver faces keep exploding. ?

  11. I'm pretty new to the game but this channel has made me improve like a beast, the lag and release of the club in front created following the left hip was the key for me, can't describe how much I appreciated your videos, thanks

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