One Club Distance Challenge – How To Hit An 8 Iron As Far As Possible

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If you've bought into the “short compact” swing is better and more accurate argument, you made be surprised just how much distance you're leaving on the table. Check out why that swing may not even lead to more accuracy… just less distance.

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One Club Distance Challenge – How To Hit An 8 Iron As Far As Possible

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Hit the Golf Ball First

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How to Hit the Ball Then the Turf With Your Irons

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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One Club Distance Challenge – How To Hit An 8 Iron As Far As Possible

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Robert Bernard says:

Instead of delofting the 8 iron club, why not just hit a longer normal loft club, say a 6 iron?

Chilled Husky says:

I’ve never played golf in my life, I went with my brother to his work cus I wanted to see my brother and hang out with him and show my girlfriend how much I will suck at golf… I love hitting drivers and I would always make the joke… “Speed run cus I’m impatient” or “baseball player vs golf take one” (I played baseball for half my life) and very rarely, I have hit most of my irons especially my 7 iron, wedge, the one with a U on it, at 200 yards. I was the only one on the range, so I knew I hit 200 for sure but I didn’t think much of it cus I thought everybody hits 200 and when I told my brother he had the funniest surprised face and like “holy cow, you should play golf instead of baseball” playin ball always had my heart, sorry golf. Thank you for listening to my story😂🙂

0331 says:

His delivery is solid and informative but for some reason cracks me up at same time….”I’m not that flexible and you probably aren’t either “ everyone under the bus😂

alexander vogt sanchez says:

It's all on the wrists, holding that angle as long as you can and snap at the bottom of the ball.

AM Peliculas says:

Hi, I am enjoying your beautiful clips and learning.
Could you please explain the weight distribution on Iron and Driver shots.
This is the area that many new learners are concerned about/ Thank you.

justARandomFishGuy says:

But couch still won’t let me turn my lower body smh

Bill Haas says:

I love watching Clay’s video lessons. Everything seems to make sense to me! I try to incorporate little things he teaches into my swing!

justSaying says:

Hitting short and compact only works if your Bruce Lee.

Craig L says:

Went to top golf tonight. Took out the trusty 8 iron and ripped one 181 yards. Thanks for the tips!

SC says:

Looking for more distance with 8 iron is total bullshit and misconception of golf 👎

Veer Tomar says:

This was a helpful video

Kelly Miller says:

Clay do you use this same forward shaft lean method with your driver as well? Great videos!

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