Best drivers for distance: Longest driver wins!

Want to hit BOMBS? We've got our hands on some of the best drivers for distance to see which takes the crown of the longest driver of 2022.

Equipment expert Hannah Holden has put the Cobra LTDx LS, TaylorMade Stealth, Callaway Rogue ST Max D and Titleist TSi3 head to head to see which carries the furthest.

So can she drive the 250 yard, par 4 7th Hole at Malton and Norton golf club? And which driver will end up the longest? You'll have to watch the video to find out..

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12 thoughts on “Best drivers for distance: Longest driver wins!

  1. Good test! I generally love to do these kinds of tests for myself every year, but last year I got fit into a TSI3, and I honestly don't feel the need this year. It's that good, for me. I'm hoping to find irons that fit so well.

  2. How can you justify the good performance of the heads if you change the compositions ?? ; 4 different heads & 4 different shafts; the comparison cannot be unbiased. Mathematically the results are skewed ??. But good try.

  3. La I also tweaked the std settings on the club and tee height to give me the appropriate window, flight and spin parameters. As such I think dialing in properly for one’s swing and speed with any of these drivers might end up giving good results and then it’s down to looks, feel and sound one prefers.

  4. Used to have a ts3 but no longer. Have gone in and out if different drivers but have ended up with the stealth which I am striking very well and love the looks and sound of it. Am sure if you varied the shafts you may find some different results. Indeed when I tried the std ventus red with the stealth did not like it but when I changed to a different stock shaft and shortened the length a tad everything changed. Clearly you are comfortable with the tsi.

  5. Hannah great video. My swing speed is between 90-95 and watching your videos really helps me see results very similar to my own. I was playing the TSi3 with a speeder NX 5S shaft and got great performance. But when I hit the Rogue ST max, I was blown away with the uber forgiveness. The only problem is that I seemed to hit it with too much spin. So I got the LS version and now I hit bombs just like you. Oh yeah, I switched to the autoflex 405 and now my average total is about 250. It seems that this year, just about every company has an awesome driver and shafts keep getting better and better. If you have a 4 or 5 year old driver, now is a great time to get a new one. Only problem is that there are so many to choose from…

  6. Good testing as always. It’s interesting that all the high speed youtubers seem to find the cobra LS the lowest spinning and longest (TXG, Matt Bloise, etc )

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