The Most FORGIVING Drivers In Golf!

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16 thoughts on “The Most FORGIVING Drivers In Golf!

  1. I should have made this clearer ➡ Callaway also has the Rogue ST Max (the one in this video is the ST Max LS) which they say is their "most forgiving" driver. In testing, I didn't find much difference between the Max LS and the Max except the LS was slightly longer with seemingly no difference in dispersion on off-centre strikes. So I think the ST Max LS is the better for most golfers ?

  2. The Strata Ultimate driver is ultra forgiving, despite its simple and unassuming design, it's so easy to take a relaxed swing and watch the ball soar at least 180 yards. It's also nice and upright to help that slice off to the right that plagues so many golfers

  3. I sprung for the Rogue ST Max LS this year and love the thing. I'm a high handcap and have started finding fairways like crazy. Now, if the club could just cure my yips on forced carries off the tee I'd be all set.

  4. I play TSi3. Heard TSi2 is more forgiving but it just doesn't suit my eye. I did hit a golf buddy's Rogue. Looked and felt great but was shorter than the TSi3 by 15 yds. TSr3 or 4 in the fall is my next demo.

  5. I'm now playing the LTDx LS and I find it to be very forgiving. It is very long even on off-center strikes. I'm so happy with it. My miss with it is now just a light fade. My old Nike was a consistent left miss with the odd snap hook. Square up the LTDx and it is dead straight and super penetrating. Love it. It also launches impressively, even dialed down to 8 degrees.

  6. I am an amateur golfer and I went to a Calaway fitting and the Rogue Max was magic. It changed my game. Just switching to 9 degree loft from 10.5 added 30+ yards to my drive. I just could not believe how well I was hitting it. I went to a scramble last week and drove over 300+ yards on a par 5 and shocked everyone (including myself). (I am over 50 with a bad back.) This was in a beginner scramble league and I have only been playing less than a year. I started last fall. I love this video because someone as well known and respected as you to confirm what I found to be true for me as a beginner makes the $549 price tag easier to swallow. I told myself I was not going to buy any new clubs until I learned to get better at golf but I couldn't sleep for 3 days until went out and bought it. (It improved my game that much.)

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