Have PING NAILED IT With This 2022 Driver!?

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Have PING NAILED IT With This 2022 Driver!? Ping are well known for making the best golf clubs you can buy, the best irons of 2022, the best hybrid of 2022 the best driver of 2022… and they actually did something last year nobody could believe, instead of releasing a brand new expensive driver in 2022 they stuck with the Ping G425 range of golf clubs which was actually very popular in 2019 and 2020. This gave people more opportunity to actually play with the forgiving driver, to get use out of their forgiving irons… so what will ping do moving forward? is this still the best forgiving driver of 2022? the best mid handicap driver of 2022? in this video I test the ping G425 lst vs Callaway Rogue ST MAX LS… and I do it now


Lee GR says:

Just bought one, awesome club

quakecon2009 says:

you swung the callaway SECOND 2/3 times, that was a big advantage IMO.
I would not take much from these tests, loads of people have different findings online for all kinds of things.

One person said the white aldila rogue shaft is low spin, on another test, it came out the highest.

Both drivers are really good and you need to test them both yourself, and always take what you see from others as a guide, not a definite that will translate to an individuals findings.

Steady Rolling says:

"Ping" is the name of the company — and the sound of their clubs. Not a coincidence.

Stefan Marczenko says:

I now have ping G425, driver 3,5,7 wood and irons. Unreal forgiveness expensive yes but making a massive difference to my golf 7 wood especially

Scott Dreyfus says:

Ping lost their first run of inventory last January in a shipping accident. They barely had product to sell in the first half of last year. It's cheaper to rerun than retool

Randy Bowen says:

The sound on the Ping is terrible!! Will stay with the TSI2!

Ian Splisgardt says:

Ping never brings out a new driver every year. They’ve almost always been odd year releases

LouKayne says:

Titleist did the same. TSi was released in late 2020.

lemongitis says:

Hnnn makes me think again. I had the PING 425 LST right around Christmas. Loved it. Could really cut it up. I tested the new Gen4 0811XF from PXG alongside it for awhile on course and from the driving range. Ultimately I ended up going for the PXG because I could squeeze a bit more distance on the long drives. Pretty sure the 425 was a better fairway-finder even when it isn't my best strike.

Maxim Smith says:

Better sound and get rid of the turbulators and they'll get my money! Big ping fan but still rocking Cobra FOR driver and 3 wood for those 2 specific reasons. Rest of the bag is Ping

erniebert1 says:

New to golf ,tested alot of clubs to get my 1st good set and yes although distance suffered slightly, dispersion on the g425 max was fantastic. I also have the ping 3 wood and 4 hybrid, quite possible the easiest clubs to hit off the deck I have ever tested.

Dave Zalinko says:

I have a G425 and it’s very good for finding fairways. I think it lasts distance though. I have the stock shaft and it’s useless. Want to get something different, looking at the Tour 65. Anyone have any thoughts. Swing speed is 105-107
I’m going to hit the new drivers myself to see the differences.

Big Johny says:

I normally love ping drivers but I think this model sounds poo

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