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The Best Low Spin Golf Drivers of 2022

Which is your favourite low spin driver of the year so far? Let us know in the comments…

This video review was shot at LSH Auto Stockport.

Drivers tested:
Callaway Rogue ST Max LS:
Titleist TSi3:
TaylorMade Stealth Plus:
Srixon ZX7:
Cobra LTDx LS:
Ping G425 LST:

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0:00 Introduction
0:55 The Top 6 Drivers
1:51 Testing
2:57 Category 1 – Looks
4:52 Category 2 – Feel
6:22 Category 3 – Forgiveness
9:30 Category 4 – Distance
11:30 Category 5 – X Factor
13:40 Category 6 – Value For Money
15:36 Verdict

Thanks for watching the Golfalot Best Low Spin Drivers of 2022 review.

29 thoughts on “BEST LOW SPIN DRIVERS 2022! | Golfalot

  1. I cant find what shafts you used in description I believe the shaft is just as important as the head so I'm not so keen on this review Thanks

  2. Seems like if Ping and Callaway club speeds were bumped up 1 mph to match the others they woulda gone furthest…. splittin hairs so close…. just pick the one you hit the best

  3. I'd love to see the PXG gen 5, the new mizuno St range and even the tour edge exotic range up against these. I know that makes the videos slightly longer but that's even better ?

  4. Just purchased a TSi 3. Tensei av blue 55 reg flex. I love it. And I can work it. First adjustment was to up the loft from 9 degrees to 10.5. Haven't messed with the sliding weights yet

  5. Sophie, I have been using the Callaway Epic Flash LS driver for the past 4 years. It is a 10.5 turned down to 9 degrees. I did get a new shaft and now have a Graphite Design X-stiff 60 gm. The shaft reinvigorated my shot and improved my dispersion. I have tweaked my swing and have gained distance and love the ball flight. I hit several different heads when getting fitted last year but ended up only changing the shaft since none of the heads, appreciably, improved distance or dispersion.

  6. Used to play a Ping G400 Max before upgrading to the Ping G410 LST in 9* and stiff shaft and I love it. Big distance gains and not really any harder to keep it in the fairway. Wasn't sure if it was suited to me as I am getting older and my swing speed and strength is on the decline.. A comfortable flail of the arms @ 106mph average club head speed gets it done. It suits me and the home Links course I play.. Turbulators have never bothered me nor it sounding like a rifle at times d:-)

  7. Hey hey! I just ordered myself a TSI3 about 3 hours ago. Looks like I chose wisely. I like a little spin for forgiveness, but not too much into the wind. This Titleist TSi3 will work well with my new Titleist irons. Wow! I’m in some debt now. ??

  8. I bought the Calloway ST MAX LS. it has been a game changer for me. I am 30+ yards longer and hitting the fairway most of the time. My previous driver was a Cobra speedzone and it was 220 carry no roll out

  9. Sophie that was a great review. I have both the tsi3 and the rogue st ls. I think the st ls is just a tiny bit more forgiving for me. I love the tsi3 however and have kept in my "guest" bag. Prior to getting the autoflex shaft, my favorite in both was the speeder nx. The shaft make all the difference. Going out today to try a slightly firmer autoflex sf505 shaft, currently have the sf405 now. My swing speed is 90-95 mph, so your numbers really help me when comparing clubs and shafts.

  10. The usual un-biased review I've enjoyed over the last year Sophie. For me I went last October for the Wilson D9 R 50g shaft. Why? There's no adjustment on it, same as previous drivers I've had, I prefer to know it's me at fault not a setting. I've played Mizuno for more than 20 years but even they succumbed to the jigggery pokery with loft/lie/movable weights and were more expensive to boot. None the less, great review as always S ??

  11. Sophie there is an upright setting on the Stealth. Standard lie angle is 56 degrees but there is an upright setting at 60 degrees at standard loft and square face angle ??

  12. Sophie that was amazing I've had the tsi3 for 12 month and love it but wanted a change this season and in my fitting the only driver that gave me marginally more distance and gave me the x factor was the rogue st triple diamond. I believe you have tried this? But for me playing of 5 and with a 97mph swing speed the triple diamond is the sleeping giant of the low spin drivers this year

  13. Sophie..Another great review.. I think that all those drivers are very good and will appeal to a lot of golfers…The big difference is the COST…and to me what separates them is Who They Have in Their Stable under Contract…Price Goes Up…For the Big Boys play these driver for the Doe an change club companies accordingly…..Your reviews are based on a Good Golfers oponion with a swing not in the 118 mph mark..That is more like most of us..Thank You

  14. Hi I workout 3-4 days a week with weights and limited cardio mainly walking and steps, but I am beyond mid 50s. I have returned to an old TaylorMade Superfast Tour Preferred 10.5 degree open face design with stiff stock shaft that plays stiffer than most stock shafts being a TP driver. I think it is low spin, seeing there is no pop up in it. Toe weighted design and no adjustments.

  15. I play the stealth plus also have the Pxg gen 4. But I love the stealth plus. I don’t like the titliest and callaway at all. Ping sounds horrible

  16. I was always under the impression that a flatter driver usually helped eliminate the hook miss but this review is saying she likes a more upright driver to eliminate the left miss. Am I misunderstanding?

  17. Great as always Sophie. I know it's not practical to include every driver available but a real low spin sleeper is the Tour Edge C721 so perhaps the new C722 would be worth a look. The C721 knocked the Tsi3 out of my bag. Lower spin and more forgiving. Definitely do miss the Tsi3 looks though.

  18. Great review Sophie, thanks! I've been playing the G425 Max since last summer. When I got fitted, the professional had me try out the G425 LST, and I hit that okay. But I really felt I needed all the forgiveness I could get due to some toe strikes and hitting off the bottom of the face, so I went with the Max version. It's worked out well so far with my swing.

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