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The new TaylorMaStealth driver with it’s 60X Carbon TwistFace is a new direction for TM, but will it deliver more ball speeds? Mark Crossfield tests this new golf driver from TaylorMade and talks about what the new tech might actually do rather than just a lot of marketing buzz words. TaylorMade golf have made great drivers for a long time and will the new Stealth be one of their best golf drivers ever. How will it compare to older models and will it help golfers find more ball speed?

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Mark Crossfield says:

Do you think TM are laughing at us with their marketing?

rhamsus1 says:

I didn't buy this because I thought it would improve my game. I came back to golf last year after a long time and used my buddies set. The driver in the bag is a Callaway razr x black. The weight distribution in the club head felt weird. The stealth feels very good so I bought it. I didn't gain much other than a more comfortable swing and less slicing.

bubbacrabb says:

I won this driver at a golf scramble today. Actually sold a cobra speedzone extreme I got last year there. I'm still hitting my r15 I bomb it. Debating keeping the stealth. I just rip that r15 and am so confident in it everytime.

All Things Golf says:

Mark question for you, in truth how can you truly compare your fitted driver numbers to the stock Stealth ? (If you consider that the stealth is not fitted to you, then I’d say those numbers are very good. The stock stealth is nearly out performing your fitted driver) 🤷🏽‍♂️

Josh Arthur says:

I play an R15 driver from 2014. Is it worth upgrading?

Eddie Colon says:

Interested to see this comparison with the same shaft and swing weight

Dean Desrosiers says:

The marketing claims are amazingly descriptive of new performance gains… “ah, not so much…” me at my driver fitting… the Crobra LTDx LS on the other hand is now in my bag. And, ball speed was the difference.

Dean Desrosiers says:

Great video again Mr. Crossfield!

louis fernandez says:

love the geniuses and honest review that’s why i tune in!! ty!! and you have me checking all my smoke alarms 😂😂 change the battery 😅👍

Daniel Brooks says:

Looks exactly the shape of the sim but different colours

MP60 says:

My SIM2 with Graphite Design Tour AD-BB produced more ball speed and more distance than the Stealth Plus with Mitsubishi Kai'li 60s shaft. TM stock shafts are junk compared to GD Tour AD or Fujikura Ventus or Speeder shafts. Save your money and put it towards lessons with your club pro.

Freedom Is Golf says:

Hi Mark I bought one and my first driver was a Persimmon block and I loved the sound of it do I get more distance no it goes higher I hit more fairways with it but the SOUND is magnificent for me personally

46barrj says:

Hot air no doubt, simply marketing at work. Interestingly another reviewer compared the Stealth against the now very old SLDR Driver & found the SLDR was 14 yards longer. Technology going backwards?

Robert Taylor says:

I like your reviews Mark, very well made and delivered. However everyone must have realised that Mark is a sponsored golfer, Srixon being the golf brand along with xx10. I cannot believe that you would say something was brilliant and is the best out there if it wasn't a Srixon or xx10 product. I ain't doubting anyone integrity and honesty here but being sponsored by a brand in my opinion who are merely OK from my own experience, makes your reviews of other brands equipment seem a little unbelievable. Maybe look at Alex etches review of the same club, he gets more clubhead speed, more distance than sim 2 and apart from being sponsored by Adidas his reviews are unbiased

j p says:

Taylormade are full of shit
Excuse the bad language

Lilley Golf says:

Great review mate 👏

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