Best F1 tracks of all time (Ranked)

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Top 10 best F1 race tracks, considering the following criteria

– The historical significance of the track
– Quality of racing
– Level of challenge that a circuit presents to the drivers
(We fully expect you to have a personal version of this list, so make sure to drop your rankings in the comments down below.)

Check out the detailed list here –


TheBigPossum says:

All time idk? But this season these are some of the best

Cannibal says:

COTA and Marina Bay? Really?

Aitor Barquero says:

Who ranked thisM😂

Spoonley says:

Spa is too dangerous to be no. 1. Singapore is great, but Hockenheim is much better. Canada is a good track, but not as good as Barcelona. And you forgot Australia existed.

Benedek Karnoth says:

Singapore and Usa😂😂😂 Man thats a joke. Hungary, Netherlands, Nürburgeing, Hockenheim, Monaco…

Anton Kulinski Vinberg says:

Imola ahead of Monza, that is a joke

Galaxy says:

Bahrain joins the chat

Daan ter Mull says:

Jeddah, monaco?

Matteo D'Amico says:

you don't understand anything about f1

Erwestrone says:


Varga Benedek says:

Remove COTA and Singapore and add Malaysia and Hockenheim or Nurburgring

Artūrs Brūvers says:

Absolutely Not, this is an incredibly Terrible Ranking.

Paul Irgendwer says:

Where is the best track of all time?

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