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Old tech v new tech, which will perform better. Ping G10 Driver v Cobra Rad Speed.

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Angelo Ferraro says:

I have a g10 and like it. If you drop a bunch of money on a cobra you have an issue. Overrated and overpriced club

Clay Earth says:

I bought a 2021 Cobra Speedzone and love it, but my 2005 Mizuno Titanium Tzoid still stays in the bag. The feel and sound of a perfectly struck titanium driver is still best with me

Aaron goodrich says:

G10 the year my brother was born 2007 right

Myles Marin says:

Only new ping impresses over old ping, and not for distance

Wira Rifqy says:

2007 g10 release year

Chris Franz says:

Still gaming the G10. Several times I've gone for fittings and I can't beat it.

simon stratman says:

I have the g10 and an M2. Wish the M2 went as well as the g10 just because it looks better in the bag!

Tony says:

This is misleading at best; you have a good swing and hit close to center all the time while the same cant be said for 90% of all golfers in the world. The new drivers have a larger sweetspot and are massively more forgiving off the heel and toe shots.

Joel Crow says:

I like my clinky old mp650 still… no adjustments, no weights, no face tech, just a smooth black tear drop that i absolutely crank out there.

Brian Watson says:

I bet you the Radspeed is better on off center hits.

borg tron says:

Just bought g10 last year for $40, its a rocket and Iove the look, I hit my old Launcher just as well but trying to fill the bag with Ping clubs

Norman Smith says:

How about TM white R11 ?

Chris S says:

G10 was one of the best drivers i ever had

Shawn Grinstead says:

YESSSSSSS against new Ping gear

Wesley Fontaine says:

YES finally! Zero issues with g10 because I gave mine to a beginner golfer and he plays fine with it.

Christopher Yee says:

Thank you, Mark. Can you do this with the Taylormade SuperTri, Jetspeed and Callaway Rogue drivers against some newer drivers?

Barry Emery says:

It (Ping G10) was/is a very good driver, I sometimes wonder why I traded mine in for the G400, the newer driver doesn’t seem to hit it any further, just the G400 dispersion is tighter/more forgiving and it’s adjustable.

Aidan Griffiths says:

I think it's just the forgiveness thats gotten better in drivers really, unless the person is working out then theyre not gonna swing it faster or get a faster ball speed when theres rules governing how springy they can male the face

L Nick says:

Makes sense. They've been maxed out at .830 COR for awhile now. Where the gains have come from are MOI (basically forgiveness). Should probably test apples to apples with a current PING G425. See how each does on off center hits.

Stuart Bell says:

I still play this driver after being fitted at ping when released. Am looking at being refit but unless the gains make a huge difference I cannot justify the spend on new one.

Terry Chua says:

Generally love your content but find this "comparison" a bit misleading…kinda like manufacturers promising 10 more yards every new release. You hit it very close to the middle all the time and your swing speed is consistent. It's no surprise, given equipment regulations, that both drivers have pretty much idental numbers. Now what about your average amateur who hits it out the heel, toe, bottom and top of the face but rarely directly in the centre? Surely forgiveness is as big a part of driver evolution for your normal golfer. Yes the diff might not be staggeringly large but I don't think 12 years of driver evolution boils down to a new lick of paint which seems to be what's implied

Mitch Morris says:

😂 😂 😂 😂

Michael Close says:

yes please, let's see what can beat the G10, if anything.

Space Patrol says:

Brilliant Mark. Your content is for the person who actually wants to learn about golf

Tim Houston says:

As someone who always loved golf, but never really played much since my teens (and even back then only played a couple times) and who decided at 43 when the pandemic hit that it was time to become a golf addict, I wish I knew this about old clubs before I started dropping $450, $300, $300, $280 on my Ping G400 driver, 3w, 5w and 4HB!!!!! My credit card would be a lot more happy.

Sean Cook says:

So basically we buy new drivers for better looks and sound…..🤔

Will .M says:

A lot of ping staffers didn’t take g10 out of the bag upon the following iteration.

David Sanders says:

I still use my G10, bought it in 2008. Looking to get a newer driver, but videos like these make it tough.

Daniel Rice says:

You mean golf comes down to the person and not the club? The manufacturers must hate when you do videos like this but I think it's great.

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