The BEST DRIVERS IN GOLF (for every handicap!)

My top recommendations for the best golf drivers you should be looking at based on your handicap! While performance off the tee can sometimes be better or worse than your handicap suggests, this gives a great starting point for anyone looking at what type of driver would be best for their game.

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24 thoughts on “The BEST DRIVERS IN GOLF (for every handicap!)

  1. I went out on a limb and ordered the Ping G430 Max 10K after watching your video, reading a million reviews and taking the Ping online fitting…… Played 2 rounds so far (In Norway) and simply can’t describe how impressed I am with this club and the level of confidence it gives me off the tee. Simply amazing, low spin, controllable, long and forgiving. I’ve cranked it down to 8 degrees, as I have no problem launching it in the air. (5HC)

  2. Switching between Ping G430 LST & cobra Aerojet. 1.5 hi and need the option of putting a driver in the naughty corner if it misbehaves ????

  3. Currently a 23 handicap mainly shooting in the 90s. Been playing a few years and started to have some lessons. Hoping to get fit at the end of the year once I have something resembling a consistent technique.

  4. A 14 handicap golfer gaming a Cobra Radspeed XB 10.5 deg. With a UST Senior 4F2 shaft and I love it, ave. drive between 230 and 260 yards.

  5. Hi Pete and gang. I’m an 11 handicapper trying to get back into golf that I haven’t played regularly for years. Now the kids are grown up I’ve got more time to try and get to single figure hcap! I’m gaming the Taylormade Sim Max. Bought second hand for £150. Not sure if it’s right for me but I do hit consistent long drives with so it can’t be too bad. Reluctant to spend £500 on a new driver as it might not make a lot of difference?

  6. I always shoot in the trees ????. So it doesn't matter what driver i use. But i am getting quite good in recovery shots????. That's what matters to me.

  7. last year on medals it averaged out between 85 and 95. I play off 14.7 whs index which gives a course handicap of 17. Tee to green usually not bad but putting really lets me down need to get my head in the right space and do some practice. Currently use a Cobra F9 but just won a Taylormade Qi10 Max had it custom fit and just waiting on delivery.

  8. I challenge you to a 10 mile cycling time trial, 1 minute equals 1 shot for a 9 hole match, I'm a 28 handicapper, but a strong cyclist

  9. I just tried all the new drivers over the past month. I ended up buying the Qi10. Bar far the most forgiving. I am hitting high draws now. Feel is great. Only downside is the price.

  10. Another great video. I am an 18 handicap and currently gaming the 2018 Callaway Rogue. My average distance is about 235, and just recently gained more control over the direction of shots; however, I still suffer from the dreaded issue of topping it and it goes less than 100 yards. I've never been fit and as much as I can appreciate the tech and forgiveness in the Ping G430, I just do not like the turbulators. My eyes get drawn to them and since I set up closer to the toe I don't think I would enjoy gaming that driver.

  11. I liked the video and I’m playing a match play semi-final today. I’ll let you know if my first tee shot finds the fairway! ????

  12. I’ve averaged playing about 4 or 5 times a year for the past 3 years. But before that I hadn’t played much in 10 years. I usually hit around a 94 over 18, but I can chalk about 6 strokes up to a duffed wedge.

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