Best Golf Driver 2014 Game Improvement

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Best Driver 2014 Game Improvement with Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Find out what Mark Crossfield feels are the best golf driver for golfers looking for as much help from a golf club as possible. This is Mark's 2014 best driver game improvement category, see if TaylorMade,Ping Titlesit, Mizuno or Callaway get in the top 3 drivers review.

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Michael Ackerman says:

Mark, great review! I just picked up a used G25 and it is still an amazing club. I hit a lot of used and even some new drivers before buying it and it out performed all but the new Callaway Epic driver. Of course I picked it up for $89.99 USD versus $499.00. The Epic was 6 to 8 yards longer. However, the Ping was long and very straight. Still a great club.

Kyle Sakowski says:

You should do a video on cheaper drivers or any club that still have a great feel. Under $250 drivers non pro or tour used clubs

Christian B says:

Mark what kind of shoes are those? They look sharp.

Ian Shepherd says:

My swing helped the slice not the club but nice when it lines up correctly from the start when you set it on the ground not having to guess where to hold it…(sorry for commenting 3 times lol)

Ian Shepherd says:

You can spec up anything up honestly most people buy off of the rack so the adjustment is nice on the Titleist and callaway even though once it's dialed in you might not change it at least you have the option to dial it in lie wise…for a former slicer. Thanks again mark

Ian Shepherd says:

The Titlest 913 d2 lie adjustment is the king of "lofting up" the SLDR just leaves the face open when lofting up which is kinda funny when taylormade claims the #loft up campaign lol so 913 all the way for sure

anonymous70909 says:

I don't know jack about golf but the dispersion rate on the 913 was way better, ain't that what friendly clubs are all about? Are you in the pockets of ping?

Neil Graham says:

Hi mate, getting back into golf after 15 years. Was on 7.  51 now. Athletic, so in good shape. In my head I can still play golf. I'm blocking my driver embarrassingly. Just got fitted for clubs by club pro so not too proud to ask for help. Club pro said turn my grip over but I know that's not the problem. I'm almost ready to give up! Help!

acidrain55 says:

I've just been down the shooting range, never played golf really.

But I have to it's a good bit of fun with a few mates.

Not sure exactly what clubs but we these drivers.

Basically I am looking for a driver that I smash balls and send them miles it's hilarious!

But I haven't a clue what one and spec to get and they're quite pricey.

What one would you recommend people!

john doe says:

Hi Mark, great info and much appreciated BUT would it not be more useful if you stated the shaft, butt cpm, loft and length. About the latter, have u noticed how much shorter the tour guys drivers are??, e.g Mahan I think is at 44" and the ordinary guy is being sold a 46" club, where's the logic???  keep up the good work

Carl Incledon says:

That tee at 3:30 looks like it's in the matrix

Lee Hughes says:

Where is the Wilson FG driver in this review or any review this driver can be used by any handicap..

Dan Muldoon says:

Thanks. In the market for a new driver and (now) I'll look seriously at the Ping.

Vincent Sandford says:

When you compare the stats of the PING G25 (game improver) and the TaylorMade SLDR (better player/professional) there's not much difference – except in price. 

Enthusiast2024 says:

So all in all, bigger head, better performance?

Gino L says:


Covert 2.0 is superior game improvement… with sweet high MOI.

bluffgubben says:

Decided to order the BB after watching this, want a club I can move down from my crappy 26hcp to 10-12 🙂 Thanks for all the videos!

NC2871926 says:

Can't believe you haven't had the Nike VRS Covert 2.0 in either of these reviews. You gamed that in most of your videos earlier in the year

calum mcgarry says:

Is the Taylormade R1 suitable for a high handicapper?

cwugrad396 says:

I have the D2 and love it. I did not like the longer shaft on the G25 although it was also an excellent club. I did buy a Ping G25 fairway wood and hybrids and love those

Ian Blackburn says:

Hoping there's an irons review coming soon to see what clubs are worth adding to my try list. (Hoping to get fit for some soon)

Ian Blackburn says:

Fully agree for me personally g25 tested best (tested loads around the £200-230 range). The best word to describe this is 'stable through impact' with that stability I hit longer straighter drives. I still have to swing it well of course but by far the best I tested (I didn't touch i25 too pricey for me but looked mint. I did hit the SLDR glued and it didn't perform for me.

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