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► In this video, hybrid expert and scratch golfer Matthew Moore tests all the leading hybrids on the market to find out where certain models excel and where others fall down. Regardless of what you're looking for from a hybrid, the selection included in our comprehensive comparison test covers all bases so sit back and enjoy Matt delivering his verdict. Be sure to watch to the end to discover Matt's surprise pick for the overall best hybrid golf club of 2022.

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bowl816 says:

I tried a set of 3-7 Adams hybrids, I LIKED THEM SO MUCH, I shopped around for a full hybrid set. I landed on the Lazrus 2-PW hybrids. I hit these better and about 20 yards longer than my Taylormade R7’s. The whole set was under $300.

Sean Smith says:

Bruh what a joke how d you not have anything of Cleveland

Marty Farrell says:

I laugh at some of these reviews. I also ignore all of their recommendations.. Get fitted and do what works for YOU. Recently watched a hybrid review saying Callaway has been way behind with hybrids for quite some time and these guys do a review with around 6 Callaways and one each of other brands. Piss off, you're bought and paid for. I'm a TM fanboy but now only have their driver, 3 wood and hybrid, all Sim 2's. Irons are Srixon ZX combo set and I'm looking at the Ping G425 Hybrid now. It's numbers are superior in all testing and I've NEVER owned a Ping club.

ACC QPQP says:

you shouldnt have use a tee during your testing to better simulate the actual fairway usage……

FiddleMyWhat says:

i love my cleveland halo hybrids 3&4, i tried others, but the clevelands for some reason i just hit them better

Jose Herrera says:

No cleveland brand?

Joseph Dubiel says:

Great review on the hybrids. I bought several of the Ping G 425 hybrids. Absolutely love them! I hit them better than any of the other models I tried. I actually special ordered the # 2 G 425 hybrid as well. Love the fact that they are adjustable if need be as well. I have always hit Ping Hybrids better than any other make. Exactly why that is I couldn't tell you.

Fx Renzi says:

I bought the utility from callaway, it s a very interesting club with a good sound and performance. The shaft require good tempo.

Michael Shanker says:

I like to support companies that don't buy the Ben Hogan golf company just to name their iron's Apex then let it go out of business

Roy Close says:

Taylormade plus hybrid is for me

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