Can you get a GOOD set of clubs for £500?! (Dear Rick..) #EP66

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18 thoughts on “Can you get a GOOD set of clubs for £500?! (Dear Rick..) #EP66

  1. There’s really no such thing as a ‘good’ set of clubs. I’ll play with any set and put a good score together. The technology hasn’t really changed a great deal in 30 years. It’s basically still a piece of metal on the end of a stick. People just get duped by all the marketing hype. I still play with a set of Palmer Oversize irons from 1998. Original grips and not custom fitted. I still shoot level par on a half decent day.

  2. I am currently on every website looking for clubs myself to get back into the game. I have found through ebay it has been quite easy to put together a set of clubs. I just purchased an M3 driver , 3 wood and 3 hybrid, a set of Tour Edge EXI irons 4-GW with 52 and 56 degree wedges and an Odyssey stroke lab putter Fang . All for $511 USD but I looked day and night

  3. One of my favorite parts of golf is the ease of play. Ricks done plenty of videos with cheap package sets. My first set of clubs was 40 dollars with 16 clubs and a golf bag from goodwill. My father and I then took them to the driving range and just spent the evening hitting some balls. It was one of my fondest golf memories. This was about 4 years ago. My current set now cost around 1500 dollars. The more I played and learned the more I invested in my bag. Still looking to upgrade but the only reason I spent so much is because I wanted to. If anything, I have less fun playing golf now than before with shit clubs. Just goes to show that golf isn’t about playing well, expensive gear, outrageous courses. Just go out walk a course, enjoy the sport

  4. This was me 4 months ago. Completely new to golf and had a 500-550 dollar budget. Thought a boxed set would be the way to go. Lucky for me I have friend who works at a large golf store and walked with me through the used clubs and help me put together a set to get me started. I splurged on a new putter and bag but the rest of the clubs I got that day (driver, 3h, 5i-pw, sw) were all quality 2nd hand clubs and better than any boxed set I could get at that price. Golf is not only hard but pricey and I just happened to be lucky to have a friend provide that service for me that Rick is talking about.

  5. At 2nd swing (golf bidder in the U.S.) they do offer a thorough fitting, if you buy but if you're just starting out and have no swing yet, is it really worth doing? The hassle I have is I like blades. But used tour legal are non existent and to replace the four I have with new is £500 alone.

  6. I have just broken 90 with a set I bought for $50 used on offer up plus a few wedges I bought brand new so I spend about 350-375 on my whole bag you just have to be willing to look for a great purchase

  7. New ish golfer here… when people say 'Go get a fitting' how much do fittings actually cost – it's literally impossible to find the answer and makes me feel like they are going to add up quite quickly and before you know it, you are 1k worse off

  8. Rick, you are friends with Golf Bidder, maybe they should have a section on their website for a £500 starter set, perhaps branded as a high quality affordable forgiving golf set.

  9. This was my business idea a while ago. I already sell second hand clubs and often thought it would be good to get people to come try them and maybe help them build a set. I really do think there is a market for custom fitting a Second hand sets of clubs to new owners. Not everyone wants to spend 1000's on new equipment but if you want second hand equipment why should you be at the hands of ebay or facebook market place. Surely it would be a nicer experience to go somewhere and feel valued even if your buying second hand and feel confident that what you have bought is right for you.

  10. Rick I see Clubhouse are currently selling a full set of Cleveland clubs with a bag for 649.99 so not much more than the 500.00 price point I would be interested to know your thoughts. Cleveland are a decent brand with some pedigree and seems a perfect set for a beginner whilst having some build quality. Be interested to know your thoughts or even a test?

  11. I got my full set (4-pw) of srixon z765’s from hurricane golf for <$500 a year and a half ago. They were also willing to customize the shaft, lie angle, and length a bit. Best purchase I ever made! Discount had to be due to having them leftover and pushing the newer set. Love them! Forged feel, great distance control, amazing look at address.

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