This edition of the BEST OF 2024 series features the best golf hybrids of 2024. Each of these clubs is designed to provide ample distance and forgiveness, to help golfers with those tricky longer shots from the fairway, rough, or a bunker. The golf hybrids featured in this video include the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke, TaylorMade Qi10 Rescue, Mizuno ST Max, and Cobra DARKSPEED.

0:00 Intro
2:10 Testing (Mizuno ST Max)
6:36 Testing (Cobra DARKSPEED)
9:53 Testing (TaylorMade Qi10 Rescue)
13:37 Testing (Callaway Paradym AI Smoke)
17:10 Kevin's Picks

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald is joined by master fitter Kevin Kraft to test and review the best golf hybrids of 2024 with the help of Trackman technology.

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13 thoughts on “BEST GOLF HYBRIDS OF 2024 | BEST OF 2024

  1. A sleeper is the jpx hot metal fli hi. Iron length and you can get it in steel to match your other irons. All at a bargain price. For me it gaps better and does a better job then hybrids I have had more then double the price. The lie angles are adjustable with a loft and lie machine which I feel keeps the integrity of the club better. Hardly anyone is aware of this hybrid. I have never seen one in a shop!

  2. This shows the importance of being fit, every one of these clubs and shafts were pretty different for his swing. That's what makes this so interesting.

  3. Kevin is styling today.

    Hybrids. I dumped the long irons for a 2019 Big Bertha Hybrid 3 & 5. Just easier to hit for a discriminating and 20+ handicapper golfer.

    In my prime 20 years ago I went to a 7 wood Heaven Wood Warbird and it became my favorite club. A easy 220 every time but now older and slower. Boo hoo.

  4. It doesn't help to have Kevin hit these hybrids. He's not typical of 90 percent of your viewers, who probably have driver swings under 100 mph. I'd rather see somebody hit the hybrids who actually would be a user, and somebody who swings the hybrid at 80 mph or less.

  5. Great video guys, the Cobra Darkspeed looks fantastic and appears to be one of the lower launching and lower spinning hybrids out there so the 17 degree model could potentially be a missile launcher which would provide a more forgiving alternative to a driving iron or long iron as a fairway finder off the tee, so what are your thoughts?

  6. I'm kinda disappointed Cobra did away with the rails. I always thought that was a huge benefit to the club. I hope they introduce a new Cobra Tec with shallow rails. Put some tungsten in the rails if needed to keep weight low.

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