Best Golf Irons 2014 Distance

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Best Golf Irons 2014 Distance with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks distance in your golf irons and what irons might help you with the most distance in 2014 with his best 3 irons. Play your best golf with the best equipment for your golf game. With all the main compaines making power irons from Callway, TaylorMade, Ping, Titileist, Mizuno and Nike golf how do you ever know which one will be the best for your golf game. Marks golf videos are easy to understand and follow and Mark is happy to give you the truth about the golf equipment.

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David Mcfarlane says:

I have just got the taylormade rocketbladez but I haven’t used them that
much but from what I have I have loved the distance and feel to the.

eagleonpar4 says:

Mark, men dont use the word “cute” lol. you lost some points on your man
card. great vids as usual 

Joel Conley says:

Why no distance numbers on the TM?

Sam Thomson says:

Can I ask why the Taylor Made SpeedBlades are not in this video. They are
the newest distance and forgiveness irons from Taylor Made. I play them and
they go further than Rocket Blades. If the reason is that they were not
out, I know that they were because I tried the JPX EZ and the Ping G25s
when I was getting my irons and the SpeedBlades, I feel SpeedBlades are

Mike Kessling says:

Hi Mark,

I would love your thoughts and a review on the Adams XTD Cross Cavity back
irons. I recently hit them up against Mizuno EPZ, Cobra Bio Cell, and
Titleist AP1 and was really surprised at how great they felt. I believe
these just came out this spring and it’s been difficult to find reviews.

NC2871926 says:

No cleveland 588 TT? They look far better than the mizuno ez and those nike
covert… Very similar to the rocketbladez. 

Shizz Sosa says:

Mark, what were the distance numbers for the rocketbladez? You gave the
distance of the other two irons…

Wade Baldwin says:

Hey Mark, can you explain why you choose to use the JPX ez over any other
irons. I know you have a great swing and are a pga pro, so why would you
use a game improvement iron over a more workable players iron. Thanks.

Louis DeSantis says:

Mark, you had gotten similar results with EZ Forged in another video, yet
with more of the forged feel. If so, if you’re now looking for more
distance, why wouldn’t you have gone with EZ Forged and gotten both the
distance and kept the feel of forged? Just curious. Thanks.

steve Fowler says:

Nice vids…I like how you broke down distance, feel and forgiveness…But
I still haven’t found any better irons than my old Cleveland VAS irons I
bought in the early 90’s…I’ve demo’d a lot of different irons but none
better as them….btw I hit the 7 iron 165 when I’m tuned up…170 if I
need/want to.

Birdie Eagle says:

Mizuno irons are ugly period. Their blades look ok. But it seems all the
hacks are playing mizunos, I don’t blame Mark for using mizuno because he’s
not from the US but nothing beats the classiness of American irons.

David Forde says:

You missed the Calloway fx irons!!

CCdippers says:

I was at golf town today and i was hitting the taylormade 174 with a 7 iron
and im 16 and 120 pounds there amazing irons 

Bernard Peters says:

Mark – Demo’d the Mizuno JPX 825, Titliest AP-1 714, and the Taylormade
Rocletbladez. By far, the Rocketbladez won out in distance, feel, and
dispersion. I’m a leftie with an 8 handicap. Thank you for all of the
review video’s! They are a huge help!!!

John M says:

Hi Mark is there a club that has all the 3 ,Feel, Forgiveness and
Power/Distance, if so could you test some for us please. Where would the
Ping I20 fall into, which category, thanks.

Christian Bowerman says:

As silly as it sounds, I find my self fighting to not lose respect for you
using EZ’s over the 64’s. Still love you though. Keep the vid’s coming.

itubeutude says:

How much is the GC2?

scottson2 says:

I think Mark secretly wishes the rocketblades were IN the bag. 🙂 

Przemysław Bech says:

What is the difference between Forgivness and Distance categories of yours?
From what I can see club heads on both categories present similar
technologies: size, cavity, heal-toe weight. The only difference can be
that on club names. Distance set 5 iron has the same length and loft spec
as Forgivness 4 iron so your gap between PW and SW gets even greater so you
need to buy 2 gap wedges (47*, 52*).

John Williams says:

My mate can hit his 6 iron 200 yards. Unfortunately it goes on a 45 degrees
angle… It’s not the club, it’s how ya swing it. If he had one of these
clubs, he’d lose his balls over the other sider of the adjacent fairway…
Great vids tho, MC. 

Austins GolfVids says:

I have the rocketbladez and I absolutely love them. 

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

They must be harder to hit (obviously not compared to some irons like
blades) as they have longer shafts and lower lofts. 

David Fletcher says:

Mark good review as ever, there has to come a point though when all these
distance clubs stop making mad claims. They all share the same cranked up
lofts and longer shafts, hence the need for more wedges. Looking forward to
a driver of the year review.

paul hutchinson says:

Hi Mark, loved these clubs bought TM Tour version, hit 6 iron 175 carry 205
total on fairway running. My driver carries 265 yard total 297 average, I
am guessing about your area? 


I don’t think this video is released at a good time. Nike has new Covert
Irons and I think the people are more interested in the newer gear.
I hope to see some reviews with the new equipment for next season. Covert
2.0 and Bio Cell etc… Hope to see you more home on your range for the

Martin Williams says:

Hi mjg,

Thanks for replying to my post and letting me know.


Golfvids13 says:

Best irons for 2014 through to 2014? Bit of a blip Mark ;P

Nightfly Nick says:

Mark puts these clubs on his tracking system providing REAL numbers and
people still think they’re going to hit the 714 mb just as far? you cant
make it up…lol

bowlocks says:

thanks mark great video & very informative as usual, have a great christmas

Cornwall1888 says:

Do these clubs go further than players irons with the same lengths and
lofts. I doubt it so the whole power thing is nonsense.

MrRisottoking says:

The SpeedBlade’s are even longer than the Rbz’s, I tried them both on
flightscope comparing them to my Ap2’s with dgs300 shafts, picked up 9
yards with the Rbz’s stock reg shaft, but 19 yards with SpeedBlades again
stock steel reg. To basically gain 2 clubs on my iron shots is insane 

99johnmatrix says:

Jpx ez forged are the best of all 3 categories

Puregolf2000 says:

Mark y didn’t u use ur mizino 7 so it was a fair test

Justin Martin says:

Why wouldn’t you hit your 7 iron instead of your 6? Surely you had it

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