Best Golf Irons Of The Last 5 Years

The best golf irons over the last five years include the PING G425, TaylorMade P790, and Titleist T100. Each of these golf irons comes from a different category and will best fit different players, but they've been exceptional in the 2nd Swing fitting bays.

In this video, 2nd Swing master fitters Thomas Campbell and Danny Ferrell discuss their favorite golf irons over the last five years in the players iron, players-distance iron, and game-improvement iron categories. Then, Thomas and Danny do some light testing to showcase the differences in performances.

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27 thoughts on “Best Golf Irons Of The Last 5 Years

  1. One thing to remember, however, is that if you add or remove loft you also are adding and removing bounce at the bottom of the club. It may not matter a lot depending on your swing but on the other hand it may. More bounce typically means more forgiveness.

  2. I tend to hit balls really high. I want to get a bit more distance out of my Irons and get them to go farther and be more forgiving. Any suggestions?

  3. Based on Maltby’s MPF measurements G425 has a tone of MOI but very highly positioned center of gravity. So it would look you are wrong saying that these Pings launche higher because of low CoG… maybe it’s just higher lofts that give you light launch and not the cog here??!

  4. I recently ordered Sub 70 699 Pro 5-PW. I hit some TM P790 against 699 demo clubs and they were pretty much identical in feel and performance. I went with Sub 70 because I was able to upgrade the shaft ($ Taper 100) and the grips and still be half the price ($654 delivered) of the Taylor Made. If you know your numbers, DTC clubs can be a great deal.

  5. The only no that matters is the loft but manufacturers only put that on wedges. Most 'modern game imorovement' irons go through a loft range 1 degree less than my 'traditional' Mizuno sets but do it with only 7 clubs to my 8, meaning bigger distance gaps, usually from 7-w. This makes 'blending' sets difficult as two clubs with similar lofts have different no. / same no, different loft. The objective in last 'fitting' was to change shafts and fitter wanted me to test new clubs and I did but compared the 6 iron with my 5 (same loft) and I stayed with my clubs with new shafts, swapped Project X 5.5 for Nippon Modus3 120 S. Cheaper and better, my handicap now coming back closer to where it was prior to injuries.

  6. You guys need a coach to help you with your insecure hand movements – it's making me uncomfortable watching you guys squirm around like that.

  7. I still can't find a better set of irons than my wilson staff FG51 tour blades.they are over 30ys old and nothing today compares to them in my opinion!

  8. hi, I'm interested in blending the new Mizuno Pro 225, 223 and 221 into one set. Maybe split 234/567/89P or 23/456/789P. Is that possible? How would you guys adjust the lofts to blend them so I can fill up the gap.

  9. Great review boys. I have been playing AP2 712 for a while and just love them. Recently I tried JPX 921 forged and all my shots started to fade, whereas I am used to getting a nice draw with my AP2s with exactly the same swing. I am back to my AP2s now. Do you think T100 may be worth a try???

  10. Thomas,
    I would love to see you do a comparison of Mizuno 225 vs 790 in terms of distance, ball speed, distance consistency, spin, height, decent angle and forgiveness.
    Also, do you think the Mizuno 225 compares more with the P790 or P770 ?
    P.S. add Ping i525 to this test too please!! 225 vs 790 vs i525

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