Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2022

TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow test and review the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs of 2022.

We narrow 22 different clubs down to our favourite four models of the year and show comparison data for all the leading options.

See the test data on our website here

0:30 Do wide or narrow body hybrids suit you?
2:20 How do all the models tested compare for ball speed and carry distance drop-off and shot area size?
5:45 How do all the models tested compare for ball speed, launch angle, backspin, shot height, descent angle and carry distance?
7:56 Our best performing hybrids of 2022

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Cleveland Launcher XL Halo –

Ping G425 –

Srixon ZX –

TaylorMade Stealth –

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26 thoughts on “Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2022

  1. Great review as always, w my misses low left I need spin and height and NO DRAW BAIS as some of these may have? Of these, which would be neutral, mega forgiving w height and spin? ;0)

  2. What a great video, I'm a bit of a golfer dud, struggling with my game and old steel shaft woods and a hybrid, been told by a few guys they are rubbish and I need to have decent gear to learn on, I'll grab a Cleveland Launcher Hybrid from this review, Drummond Golf suggested them for me too, nice to have several people back up a recommendation.

  3. Which hybrid and fairway wood are the most likely to end up the straightest and in play on mishits … ball speed and distance are great but on the longer shots I’m more concerned about just being in play
    More often… moderate to fast tempo – stiff flex user – natural cut hitter

  4. I would think that something very critical in assessment of these clubs would be loft of each, head weight of each, length of each, etc. Some are shorter and more of an iron replacement, while others are in the mold of fairway metals with longer shafts. I'm not saying that you guys are trying to influence the outcome, but removing variables or at least revealing the variables should help with objective assessments.

  5. You guys really need to come up with a different format for your reviews. I like the clubs you review, just find the format somewhat long winded, uninteresting and lacking digestible information. Hopefully you change things someday. Would subscribe in a heartbeat if the reviews were just a little more informative and interesting.

  6. Morning guys, very informative video as always. I’m looking at possibly replacing my 3 wood, possibly with a hybrid. What would you recommend for a fairly good swing speed, driver usually around 105mph. Something that i can use off the tee and from fairway/light rough. Currently game a 3 hybrid cobra f9, which i like but obviously slightly older tec now. Any suggestions greatly received…??

  7. For myself I tested both the Stealth and G 425 hybrids. I am a senior , probably considered mid handicap .Tested both with senior flex shafts and the various lofts available in each product. I have to say I like them both a great deal but at the end of the day after testing them both for several days my choice is the Ping G 425. There is just something about the way the ball comes off of those and the feedback provided. The overall feel of the Ping's is amazing. My ability to aim the shot and the dispersion were absolutely better with the Ping. I also like the fact that they are adjustable too if needed. Both Taylormade and Ping make a good looking and great performing hybrid but I am loving the Ping. I love the work that Simon and Neil have done here. Bravo to both of you. I look forward to your reviews every year.

  8. Fantastic review guys, massively appreciate the time and effort that goes into these, just had a hybrid fitting after ordering my new irons ( Mizuno Pro 225's) and was looking for a bullet flighted hybrid as i'm not a fairway wood player.. Ended up with the Srixon 16 degree, With the Hazadous low launching shaft it outperformed all the other top brands in all aspects for me.. ??️‍♂️⛳

  9. Nice review…Being one who grow up playing with all kinds of different brands and shaft irons , pick up or second hand hand me downs, as I got into a few more buck, I always tried to have all my woods, driver, 3 wood and hybrid the same make and shaft…Much easier to hit and play for me…I feel much more confindent with my shot selection for better scores….

  10. The first data set looks like the Ben Hogan VKTR performed as one of the best. Any reason you didn't single it out? Other areas you were concerned with for this club?

  11. Switched from G425 to TSi2. Maybe it was the shaft but the Titleist just feels easier to hit and felt better off the clubface. Can't knock the PING though, was still very forgiving, the swing just felt awkward

  12. Hi guys great ? Hybrid test, but confusing data, I am use to seeing Ball speed, swing speed, spin, carry & total distance, And we seem to have a confusing mix,
    Would have liked to see the loft of each Hybrid used,
    And some shaft info ie:- weight and flex available, & loft adjustment,
    Also not just 3 hybrids (you wouldn’t just test 3 Irons)
    Thanks for a Great ? Video

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