100% Best golf club I tested in 2022 – Taylormade Stealth hybrid review

I test golf clubs every week and this is the best 0f 2022 for Average golfers in my opinion, it is very forgiving for any golfer and is the best hybrid on the market right now!

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17 thoughts on “100% Best golf club I tested in 2022 – Taylormade Stealth hybrid review

  1. Hi Andy, would you prefer the stealth hybrid over the Ping G425 Hybrid ore vice versa? 16hcp needs some support here;-) Thx & Cheers, Frank

  2. I just got done with a fitting and hit the Stealth hybrid like a beast. As soon as my new Stealth irons come in I’ll need to see what my distance is on my lowest iron (5) and fill in the gap with these rockets for hybrids.

  3. Was fitted for new hybrids yesterday. Stealth was by far the worse for me. Surprisingly Cobra LTDX out performed all via trackman and hitting onto the range. I’m a 12 handicap

  4. I absolutely love my Stealth Hybrid. Played a narrow Par 5 this week and only hit the hybrid from tee to green. It is so easy to hit and is a massive confidence builder!

  5. Question. I have a terrible time with shot number 2. Good off the tee. Around the green is my strength. Any idea of a hybrid i could try that id be less likely to top the ball. Enjoy the channel. Checking out your new one too

  6. I've had hybrids in the bag for the past 10 years. Currently, I have a 4 and 5 hybrid but have at times added a 3. Easiest clubs in the world to hit!

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