This club is the PERFECT DRIVER REPLACEMENT!? Can't hit a DRIVER!?… this golf club is PERFECT!? If you can’t hit. Driver it’s important to find a golf club you can hit off the tee. In this video we look at a 7 handicap golfer who can’t hut his driver. And replaced it with not a new Taylormade stealth driver, not a Callaway rogue st max, not a new cobra LTDx driver… but a fairway wood. Let’s do it… and let’s do it now

15 thoughts on “This club is the PERFECT DRIVER REPLACEMENT!?

  1. I’ve got Ping G15&G10 4woods (and drivers) in my 2 bags, and the 4 woods are the club are the clubs that give me the most confidence in any situation needed. Love me a good 4 wood

  2. I used to use an old persimon 4wood made by Wilson until I learned to hit driver. That 4 wood was my driver until it shattered one day. But to this day I swear I hit that club better than my driver. Loved it

  3. When you hit the ball on practice swings they count all the same as a real swing. My Cleveland Launcher Halo 2 hybrid at 16° could easily replace my driver like my 3 wood which it already has.

  4. Great video. When I was younger I used my 5 wood off the tee and could hit it 230 yards in the fairway most of the time. I finally learned to hit the driver as I got older.

  5. Nice to see woods in action, everyone seems to be obsessed with drivers these days. Custom fitting worth every penny….saves you wasting money on something that doesn't always work.?

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