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This club is the PERFECT DRIVER REPLACEMENT!? Can't hit a DRIVER!?… this golf club is PERFECT!? If you can’t hit. Driver it’s important to find a golf club you can hit off the tee. In this video we look at a 7 handicap golfer who can’t hut his driver. And replaced it with not a new Taylormade stealth driver, not a Callaway rogue st max, not a new cobra LTDx driver… but a fairway wood. Let’s do it… and let’s do it now


Peter Larsen says:

Why not try a epic 2 wood

Toby GooddogToby says:

That 4 wood sounds awesome. I use a 5 wood off the tee. It's great.

Paul McLaughlin says:

Last year my 3 wood was more reliable than my driver but it’s the opposite this year, I don’t understand why?!!

Waldo4506 says:

I’ve got Ping G15&G10 4woods (and drivers) in my 2 bags, and the 4 woods are the club are the clubs that give me the most confidence in any situation needed. Love me a good 4 wood

Timothy Bevis says:

I used to use an old persimon 4wood made by Wilson until I learned to hit driver. That 4 wood was my driver until it shattered one day. But to this day I swear I hit that club better than my driver. Loved it

David Budney says:


Cody Chatelain says:

I use a driver,mini driver,3 wood and 7 wood for tee shots.

T Beck says:

I hope this isn’t offensive to my husband but you have a wonderful rear end!

Michael Potts says:

2:40 so who’s ball mark then sky mark Robinson 😂😂😂

Jay Hales says:

When you hit the ball on practice swings they count all the same as a real swing. My Cleveland Launcher Halo 2 hybrid at 16° could easily replace my driver like my 3 wood which it already has.

Simon Ellis says:

Why use a driver when the 4 wood goes that well. If only I could do that

Paul Wrigley says:

His swing suits a fairway wood so stick with it. Need to work on path and angle of attack to get better/consistent results with a driver

Scott says:

I mostly use my Titleist 3-wood cranked to 14 degrees and it's a bullet for me!

Jerry Petercheff says:

Great video. When I was younger I used my 5 wood off the tee and could hit it 230 yards in the fairway most of the time. I finally learned to hit the driver as I got older.

Alan Rhind says:

Nice to see woods in action, everyone seems to be obsessed with drivers these days. Custom fitting worth every penny….saves you wasting money on something that doesn't always work.🤔

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