TOP 5 MOST Forgiving IRONS for Mid to High Handicap Golfers

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2022 has seen some fantastic golf clubs be released. Especially in the market of game improvement. Which irons are the best five for forgiveness and game improvement for mid handicappers and high handicappers. In this video I go through my top five that I have seen so far.

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James Baine says:

It doesn't matter what club you use if you don't square the club head up

brown55061 says:

Its important when finding clubs to get fitted and the person assisting needs to know your game well. If you hit with too much spin and are hitting it higher, don't go for a club with more loft. If you hit it low, consider the higher loft to help your carry. Clubs are changing so fast it's hard to keep up with the tech. My 10 yr old clubs are looking way outdated.

Bill Yun Air says:

Im a Duffer that uses a Divot tracer on my video review footage.

~Ed Shank

Damien Sharkey says:

I would add the cobra or mizuno it’s too lofted up 26 degree a 7 iron it’s just mad where are we going to go with this. I say a mid handicapper need more loft rather less

Anders L says:

Iwe got Mizuno 9xx and as a loongtime 15+ player, and now 25+ this means nothing.. dont belive that changing your set is gona make u better.. this is hogwash!

BasJon says:

I am suprised Callaway did not make the top 5, I have played golf for 25 years off now a 11 handicap and over the years I always found they was the first inventors of forgiving irons.

Jim says:

you left out the most forgiving club. it is the Callaway Rogue Max

Robin Hoodlum says:

how how how do you not have a million sub base , this is fantastic, ….

Manny dos Santos says:

My 5 cents worth of input: when I started to play golf 50 years ago, Ping was the undisputed GOAT. Today Ping is still the GOAT. At set for mid to high golfers is easily made up of: Ping for driver, fairway woods and irons. Titelist Vokey for the wedges and Scotty Cameron for the putter. For golf ball, look no further than Titleist Pro V. The rest are distractions and entertainment. But don't look at your credit card balance.

mikeyupnxt says:

i just recently got the callaway rogue st max os irons and my consistency on the course has improved so much

adrian lovett says:

The Titliest T400 is the most forgiving in their range not the T300 and I think should be considered as their entry level club.

Dick Broomer says:

Hi Dan great review 👍, Delighted to see my Titleist T300s at the top, got fitted for these Feb 2022 with graphite shafts 1” longer & 2deg upright, in the fitting they were the only club I could test in my spec👍, got 7Iron to 43deg pitching wedge & 48deg gap wedge, the gapping between the Irons is perfect & the Wedges are Fantastic proper wedges (no chunky offset wedges here), Thanks Dan Dickey 9hcp 76year senior golfer

golfaddict says:

LOVE my Stealths……hard to get rid of them they perform great for me and consistent ….would be willing to try the Mizuno JPX 923 Hotmetal and the Ping G430….but I should really stick with what worked well for me last year….went from a 14 handicap to a 9….maybe in the hunt for a driver…. Have a fitting with TXG in March….cheers from Canada

Richard Gash says:

is the titlest your showing a womans club ?

Mark Sakowski says:

Why there is no summary??

Michael Smitty Smith Scottsdale AZ Real Estate says:

Where is pxg

N Noddy says:

Where is the Ping?

Kevin Hoekman says:

I'm sticking with my Calloway X-16's

Daniel Whitmore says:

Hi Dan
Recently tred the Mizunos (couldn’t consistently hit it) the T300’s (most consistent) and Stealth ( hottest but had some fliers and longer rollout) so agree you have the top two👍.
Would be great to see the track man numbers with these versus the new Paradym!

ludwigdrummer41 says:

Love my stealth irons but the face on these scratch up easily from just wiping them off,granted the course is quite sandy

tho70mas says:

Gaming P790 at the moment but will probably swallow my pride next time I buy new irons and get some more help at least 4-6 irons.

Jamie Wyse says:

Love this channel. Love Dan and lester. Course blogs are so good and although I know we need diversity I have no time for these vids. I will support you guys until the end but I think you are better than this. I know it’ll be hard to get loads of course vlogs consistently but this is the strength of this channel. All the best for the new year x

paul back says:

Haven't tested or tried any ,but I would ask DH to compare identical shafts and interchange old and new heads of identical angles to see how much improvement technologies have advanced. Yours sincerely , Mr Sceptical

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