Does driver shaft FLEX make a difference?

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    Q: What driver flex do you use?

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  2. Hi Rick I’m now 70 and considering changing my shafts to A flex as my speed swing is now down to 80mph. You lead me to believe there is very little between the 4 tested. An interesting comparison would be a senior with a head speed of 80-85mph using similar shafts tested in your video. I appreciate your point at the end but it doesn’t help seniors like me. I do subscribe and enjoy watching your videos. Pete.

  3. This test is flawed. It does not depict the results of a person with a slower golf swing. Re-test it with a person that hits between 85 and 90 MPH. There will most likely be a big difference in the results.

  4. Rick, you have a fast pro swing which equates to consistency with all of these shafts. With most players our swing speed is much lower (ie. 80 -95mph) and our swings are less than perfect, lol. I think shaft weight and stiffness is more a function of comfort with each persons individual swing and I think more value should be considered with dispersion rather than distance. Therefore many golfers in the 85-95 mph range could probably hit either a regular or stiff shaft well but there would be a difference in average dispersion based on their individual swing plane. Just my thoughts.

  5. Great presentation as always. As a way of confirming the shaft flex mysteries, I agree an x shaft is easiest to recognize but after that it is a crapshoot. In 1992 our shop got a Ladies graphite 7 iron (short length, thin grip, whippy flex) demo. We guys all ignored it on the floor for six months then one of the guys hit it after a women's lesson… and he ran into the shop mumbling about "straight/easy/LONG." We sniffed our disapproval but he insisted we try it.
    With range balls, I and the other pro's hit this thing on a rope, high and 180 yards dead straight with ease, shot after shot. We were giggling in amazement. We put it back on the floor and never touched it again.
    I have had this happen with random clubs but rarely as perfect as this.

  6. I'd like to see this same test, but with a mid to high handicapper who doesn't swing near as fast. I fall into that category and would guess many of your followers do too.

  7. You are the best.This is great, mostly because it shows that finally, I was right about something. (Took me over 60 years though.) I'm 80 and can barely break 90 but the only difference I've seen in flex is that lighter ones go more left, and heavier more to the right. AND R flex ones wear me out faster on the range than my L-flex Basara. (Let's not go into what "L" means, ok?) Thanks for agreeing with me!! Love your stuff.

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