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Liquid bend says:

This guy is a golf genius

Jonathan Haas says:

On the side of the what!?!?!?

moemoney131 vee says:

97% on 3 foot putts hahahahahaha. Bruh im 50% i cant putt for shit. Most of my strokes are putts.

Pfsif says:

Drive for show, putt for dough.

Pfsif says:

I'm about 30% 3' out.

Mike F. says:

maybe I should use coins instead of tees so I don’t mess up the practice green… thoughts?

BrotherKnowtheledge says:

This is a very helpful drill. I don't use tees, just the balls. It has helped me very well. Thanks for the video.

larry45044 says:

i was doing that drill before phil lol but true putting is what makes a pro

CD says:

To all you golfers, I started a variation of this drill (no tees and 6 balls), my score dropped and my confidence with the putter went through the roof. This one works.

John Wilson says:

Brilliant! No one ever went into ANYTHING like that in the lessons I've paid for.


6 foot circle bud

meinking22 says:

Great vid. Thanks for sharing.

Jack Vanderpool says:

Phil misses WAY TO MANY IMPORTANT PUTTS To take lessons from. Desert classic lost latest example

Marcus Johnson says:

First time Jackie asked Phil to try this drill, he thought it would be easy. Not so fast, young man …–jackie-burke/how-jackie-burke-became-a-great-putter-lesson-to-phil-mickelson

And yes, that is Steve Elkington in the video.

PhotoGeorge says:

I know Phil can't putt and yet he just shot 60 2 days ago with 21 putts at the Classic Tournament.

PhotoGeorge says:

It's funny people think Phil can't putt and yet he's won 43 tournaments on the PGA tour by hitting the ball good and putting well.

PhotoGeorge says:

Actually Phil is a great putter but it's unfortunate that a few short putts cost him dearly in his major championships.

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