Best Putters 2018 – Ping, Odyssey, Scotty Cameron and more

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Which are the best putters 2018?

This is a very difficult question to answer because what works for me might not work for you.

There is no way that we could say one putter is better than another.

But we can pick out a few of our favourites and give a run down of what's available.

Every brand has dozens of different models with different head-shapes, colours, hosels, weighting, lengths and alignment aids.

Before selecting your putter for 2018, have a think about two things – does it help you aim and doest it help you control speed?

Work closely with a fitter or a PGA pro to find a putter that helps you do those two things.

Try and find a putter that matches your stroke rather manipulating your stroke to a putter you like the look of.

Yes, looks are important. If you like the look of something then the chances are you'll putt better with it.

But think about how that putter is going to help you get the ball in the hole, or at least closer to the hole to eliminate those three-putts.

In my opinion (and from painful experience) holing a few more putts is the quickest and easiest way to knock a few shots off your scores.

Anyway, here's a look at what's available…

The best new putters for 2018 – tried and tested

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Thep Keosila says:

Which is better scotty compare to bettinardi?

Chris Kathrein says:

i had to stop watching after you said put-tah the 500th time

William Farley says:

I have been using the Bettinardi Studio Stock #28. Absolutely love the feedback and feel. Its almost an extension of my arm.

James Dalzell says:

O Works 2 w with the black shaft

Johnny Mullins says:

2016 Newport 2 I like the feel and the look of the putter

Glenn Turner says:

Futura 5 sc. first fitted putter. Feels right, makes a difference

Tony Karosis says:

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Tyler Brown says:

I have an EVNROLL ER8 Tour Mallet and it is beyond words amazing. It is a milled 1 piece mallet with no face insert and has so much feedback and good feel and has a wonderful tink sound when you hit the ball.

William Zamora says:

foot putter, works 100% of the time when no one is looking

cdh79 says:

got fitted for a Taylormade spider tour, got it in all black and put a superstroke grip on it.. not having any alignment on the putter makes me focus a bit more, which in turn improved my score..

Shawn Woods says:

2018 Newport 2.5 with some Custom Shop touches!

Putters For Sale says:

I will still be using the TaylorMade 2017 Red Spider Putter. I love the sightline and it has improved my putting game.

Clinton Worden says:

I’m using Taylormade Soto TP Collection 303 reason I’ve always used Oddesssy putters but I got fitted and this was the one that suited me stroke and aim wise

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