BEST SELLING DRIVER In The World vs Its Replacement!! Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Review!

The World's BEST SELLING DRIVER vs Its Replacement!! Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Review! ???? Can the new Paradym Ai Smoke outperform the best-selling driver in the world the original 2023 Paradym. Thanks for watching! Make sure to check out…

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26 thoughts on “BEST SELLING DRIVER In The World vs Its Replacement!! Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Review!

  1. I tried the new smoke max today and the ping 430. I really liked the ping lst I think it was (the straight one) but the data said take the callaway. So bought it this afternoon

  2. The Paradym is already one of the best drivers ever made, so the fact that the AI Smoke is even slightly better is a great achievement. Not worth upgrading to if you already have last year's model, but a very tempting option if you don't.

  3. Interested to see what you think of the Tripple Diamond vs these. Smoke isn't worth the money atm when the Paradym is so solid (as well as some competition). Nice breakdown. Cheers

  4. I just got fitted for, and bought one today. Compared to my old driver (a 2019 TM M2) on the Trackman , with 15 shots each, the Smoke was, on average, 16 yards longer and had 10 yd narrower dispersion. Fingers crossed that this carries over to the real world once they build it for me.

  5. How can this be the best selling driver mmm simply I love the ROGUE D DRIVER BUT AND THIS MIGHT SHOCK YOU I would given the chance go back to THE MAVRIK SUB ZERO SET AT 9° MAYBE EVEN 8° well I hit a high ball of small medium or high tee . The colour orange not crazy about but at 295 plus yards happy . NOW THE SMOKE IN MY EYES IS LOVELY BUT . The company have priced it well out of my pocket. The design is great but on wrong side on head . Now in a shop yes good gimmick to get you in. Bought well its under a cover then its underneath the club you do not see that while striking the ball. Now playing partners get the benefit of that not you. . SO IF IT IS AS GOOD AS MADE OUT TO BE A PRICE HALF THAT WOULD SELL MORE , OK I KNOW WHAT WENT INTO IT . BUT THOSE LIKE ME PLAY 4 TIMES A WEEK ARE JUST NOT GONNA BUY IT. I HAVE CLUBS COSTING £60 AT HOME USED.

  6. Excellent video. Really liked the summary at the end of your personal viewpoint. Smoke was tighter dispersion etc. for 2 extra yards I will keep the older model. Great review.

  7. Iv just got rid of a stealth 2 and got a ai smoke max and the difference in my drives is unreal , same distance but straight as an arrow , can’t rate them enough ⛳️

  8. It’s all about swing. Played in a fun tournament with one par 5 we had to use an old wooden driver. I hit the thing 340 total yardage. Pro v1x. It’s all in the swing and the ball, and how the shaft matches your swing. The head does next to nothing.

  9. I had a driver fitting today. I was looking for the ping 10k max or Qi10, but the Callaway suited me the best. I was really amased how good the driver worked. So get fitted and take the best one for you

  10. Used to love Cally drivers back in the day, but haven’t liked any since the first epic. Not sure why I just can’t get on with them.

  11. Hi Peter, Just one question but a big one ,? WHY DO ALL MANIFACTURERS PUT LIKE THE SMOKE THE COLOURS ON THE BOTTOM NOT THE TOP. ???? For me I see the top of the driver bottom is mostly covered up seems a waste. Paul

  12. Hi Peter nice to see you again , THESE maybe the best selling BUT ARE THEY WORTH ALL THIS HYPE . THE BEST DRIVER I BOUGHT BUT WORE IT OUT WAS MAVRICK SUB ZERO ABOUT HALF THE PRICE OF THESE THEN AND NOW ??? Next time you play with James at Woolley park golf club play the back 9 other than 11th par 3 I think you will enjoy it more , apart from 14th par 5 dog leg left and 17th par 4 very long and 18th dog leg left , with these you should if hype is true shoot 32 par 36 . Semi pros play here in a one day comp june time 2 equaled course record 66 . PAUL

  13. Pete, Man, I always enjoy your videos. Funny thing, on my second viewing of this one I noticed you spelled AeroJet wrong on the screen at about 2:12. Great video, I have a Paradym and I like it. I'll be giving the AI smoke a test drive.

  14. I did it. Just bought the new smoke driver and I have last years Paradym. Way more consistent and 12 yards further. Crazy but had to go for it.

  15. Pete, why doesn't Callaway just ship you drivers with their strong loft cog? The strong cog is +1 degree to minus 2 degrees. There is also a flat cog available.

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