Keep Your Elbows Close | Tour Players Do This!

Struggling with to keep your elbows close together throughout your golf swing? Look no further! In this video, Kerrod Gray & Special Guest Dennis Sales share their advice of how to work on achieving the tour look. Learn how to do this and hit the ball cleanly and with precision. By the end of this video, you'll have the tools you need to perfect this part of your swing.

• Forearm Rotation in Golf Swing | Do This For Power and Consistency
• Hip Rotation in the Downswing
• How to Start the Backswing

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19 thoughts on “Keep Your Elbows Close | Tour Players Do This!

  1. I usually pinched my arms to keep them togeher (possşble tension) but I think squeezing only the elbows would be better. Some say you do not need to do this as well just keep them soft and relaxed. However, I know when arms are kept together creates much better shots. Any comment appreciated

  2. I like to think of my humerus bone rotating externally in the backswing. When the humerus bone rotates it activates many big muscles.

  3. As an amateur I'm completely overloaded. Way too much technical information delivered way too quicjly. Fine when you're talking to an experienced golfer as you are here but you're not simplifying the issues for the amateur who needs a few simple drills. This feels like a video for coaches.

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