Many golfers struggle with balance in their golf swings, this simple yet effective drill from PGA Professional at The Belfry Chris Ryan will help increase your awareness and get you on track towards a more balanced golf swing.

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  1. Hi Chris great video , tried this at wknd and found to my delight that all my shots went straight where I was aiming.Can you please do a tip on what you do with your hands at impact, do you drive both hands through the ball at impact?.

  2. I have a tendency to have my weight move towards the toes in the downswing. I have read countless times the weight should be in the heel of the trail foot at the top of the backswing. You have got me thinking this advice was incorrect all along. Can't wait to try your approach. Thanks!

  3. Awesome videos! Chris, how about a rhythm and tempo video. My biggest fault is a choppy fast take away that screws up my timing.

    Thanks for the tongue in teeth drill for tension , helped tremendously on and off the course.

  4. great video Chris… My honest opinion… you need to do more Course Vlogs. That would be a great combination because your video lessons are already awesome.

  5. Great video as usual!! Happy new year Chris. Would it be possible to have a video showing the position of the hands at impact with a driver? Thks again Chris.

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