Bobby Lopez Golf Swing Lag

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Sand Bunker says:

This is one of the BEST vids on golf swing i have ever seen. And believe you me, I've seen literally thousands of them, and my swing is getting worse after every one of them, lol.
THANK YOU MR. LOPEZ. I'm going to check your channel and see if you have some other gems hidden there.
ATB and cheers 🙂

Waldo Garza says:

Great video Mr. Lopez!

Edward Rosenstock says:

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

Cho co says:

poor advice… flip timing , with all the respect to Senior Lopez !

charly yoo says:

Great simple explanation.

Train For Golf says:

Always love your easy explanations, great lesson

Gary Rae says:

You make it nice and simple Bobby lad,God knows I need that,keep em comin champ!?

rod mayor says:

You are incredible. Where have you been all my life?  Hope this works  but wish it were not fall in Canada so I could keep playing.

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