Books That You See The Tour Pros and Caddies Using

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j michael says:

who does the drawing? the caddie? what if he cannot draw? says:

I really geek out about yardage books, so much so that I built a website all about them. Learn how to make one for your own course at

Sean Duttry says:

Here is a link to yardage books with templates already printed. Golf Yardage Books (4 Pack) PGA Tour Template W/Stat Tracking Inserts

nwahforever says:

I thought they were drawing penises in it

Taco Town - Robot Fighting Videos G A M I N G says:

This was super helpful! Thank you!

Teppo Einari says:

I really hope they never allow gps or other distance devices on the Tour.

Gene Gray says:

lso before a pro tourny there are people that go ahead of the players and draw the holes abd put them in a book. The caddy marks them up

tigerbalm says:

You better not get caught by the NSA…

Mitch Brunick says:

Was wondering what the dimensions of the books were? How do you create the book. Just use blank sheets of paper and cut to the dimensions then draw and write notes?

El Chialeux says:

This is Jaacob Bowden, he's not a cady, he is a pro player (not on the PGA tour yet tho)

itsallgood21211 says:

you're so right, i always think about why the pros can't use gps. I know that they're not allowed in amateur events because not everyone could afford one so it creates an imbalance in information. I guess the rule just carries over from amateur rules.

MrTanker10a says:

I guess standardizing units of measurements is out of the question…

MrTanker10a says:

Why won't the PGA, USGA and the R&A get their acts together and allow the caddies to use GPS devices? That would help with the problem of slow-play. These charts or maps could be used as reference data for the caddies if they so choose to use raw data alike these….

Cougman1978 says:

do we have to make our own course map strategy? I am deaf I teach myself and want to learn from their secret strategy.

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