Breaking down Tiger Woods' 129 mph swing speed

Tiger Woods hit a swing speed of 129mph at the Valspar Championship–the fastest recorded swing speed on TOUR this season! 2013 National PGA Teacher of the Year Lou Guzzi breaks down how the 42-year-old with a surgically repaired back was able to pull it off.

7 thoughts on “Breaking down Tiger Woods' 129 mph swing speed

  1. He has a lot left in the tank. Think about it this way: if you’re always trying to hit it as far as you can, where’s your aim line? On a dogleg it will vary considerably if your driver distance is inconsistent.

  2. Tiger topped at 135 in his prime, so its not that crazy to think. I'm at hcp 4,6, my fastest recorded swing speed was 127… Jamie Sadlowsky used to top out at 150…

  3. And one more thing, it has been fun and a priviledge to able to watch this incredible athlete, who's a member of the same race as us, "human", struggle with himself for the whole world to see is, is more than something we can all relate to, we cant help ourselves but be interested and excited, the only truly ignorant and racist of human beings will not allow themselves to revel in the excitement and true joy to see or want this man to truly succeed, not only will he be one of the most gracious winners, he will be truly thankful for this gift which he earned, but knew all the time it would happen again.

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