Bryson DeChambeau’s RIDICULOUS drives on No. 6 at Arnold Palmer

In the 3rd and 4th round of the 2021 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard, Bryson DeChambeau takes on the daunting par-5 6th hole with ease, hitting 370 and 377 yard drives respectively over the water to set up easy birdie opportunities. DeChambeau and final round playing partner, Lee Westwood, talk about the drives and describe how special the moment was.

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25 thoughts on “Bryson DeChambeau’s RIDICULOUS drives on No. 6 at Arnold Palmer

  1. With Brysons power and excitement in the game, goin for shots like this, and shooting a 58 in Virginia, plus all the work he's doing for YT and our youth just getting into golf…Brysons making golf fun and entertaining to watch.

  2. Been watching Bryon's YT channel – he really is a terrific guy. Supremely talented, ridiculous power and genuinely good natured (see how he encourages Rick Shiels, for example). Bryson himself has said that these monster drives cutting off corners are a high risk/reward option…pull it off it's an easy birdie/eagle…finish up in a tough spot and it would be easier to get up and down from a "conventional" drive leaving 120 yards approach. I'd love to see Bryson tee off live (I've seen Tiger which is forever imprinted in my memory).

  3. Whilst both shots were impressive, they were incredibly risky ones to try and, arguable, for little reward. OK, he made birdie in both rounds, but he made a birdie in an earlier round too by going the more ‘conventional/conservative’ route, as did many others, a couple even making eagle. If you are going to take on the shot then eagle should the result as a return for the risk, so birdie is no better than par going the conventional route. Is it worth going for? Probably not, IMO. OK, it could be said that they are there to entertain, and he certainly did that. Should it become the AON Risk Reward shot?!

  4. Ok, what at the odds of getting a Hole in one here at some point? Would that be a 'Double Albatross'? Is there even a term for something so unlikely?

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