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MrJoshthenosh says:

just wondering why you would ever want a 7 iron to roll out 12 yards ?

StuR32 says:

Nice review Rick. For me the reference to Epic Pro is the Taylor Made P770. I think they both look more similar at address and would suit a single handicapper looking for something for forgiving vs a blade (like me!). I took one of your shots from the P-770 in Jan this year and compared it to the Epic Pro average (so not really a fair comparison as different ambient conditions).

Epic Pro (average)
Ball Speed 125.6
Backspin: 5696
Efficiency: 1.39
Carry 185
Total 197

P-770 (single shot – took the one that finished closest that was a decent length)
Ball Speed 124.6 (Clubhead 93.2)
Backspin: 6651
Efficiency: 1.34
Carry 174
Total 182

The Epic's are longer overall but seem to get there by not spinning as much. That's the sacrifice. So the question is, would you be a club longer with the Epic's but suffer on playability? I've tried both over a few shots on the range with no trackman available. Both look great at setup (the Epic just nudges the Taylor Made based on a more rounded leading edge and thinner top edge) but there's a massive price differential….

Andy Wood says:

great video as usual. I do with you would do more comparisons on dispersion. think I'd prefer to hit a club 6 yards straighter than 6 yards longer. thanks Andy

Eli Burt says:

Rick, please do a review on the cobra baffler xl irons

Thomas Pitts says:

I would maybe take into account the standard deviation a bit more in the tests to assess the consistency of both you and the club throughout the tests, would be interesting to compare between clubs and also show the reliability of the data you show. Love the videos!!

Mikkel Lund says:

I love the look of the Epic Pro (and standard Epic), but the price tag is ridiculous.

Golf L says:

Can you please rewiew Wilson staff c200 irons

Tabitha Campbell says:


Stijn De Schepper says:

When will you realize these clubs DON'T differ in the numbers? Everything is within one standard deviation.

Kevin Arnold says:

Can you please do a best players iron of 2017. I know it's only half way through the year. But those vids are great

Hunter Stracci says:

30.5 and 31 degree 7 irons… I play mizzy mp-15 and my 6 iron is 31 degrees! Talk about extra distance with these 2 clubs!

Daniel Schiavello says:

The thing with clubs like this that I personally think is often forgotten is that these clubs probably aren't designed for someone like Rick, a pro golfer. They are designed with average golfers in mind to try and assist them in getting their shots to edge closer to being of a pro's standard. A 7 iron that flies 180-200 yards for a pro is probably designed for a golfer who hits a 7 Iron 130 yards, hoping to get them to hit it 150-160 yards. I may be wrong, but I think that needs to be considered. Point being that the lack of spin and huge distances hit by a pro may not/will not be achieved by a lot of regular golfers.

James Burton says:

I have recently started playing golf and am going to purchase a set of Irons. Can you do a video for beginners and recommend sets that myself and other should look to test and explain what forgiveness and other terminology means!! Thanks!!

Rodney Nicotine says:

Taylormade is an easy choice because of the huge price difference.

ben Godleman says:

video starts at 7:57

Jeffrey Schulte says:

Rick, one thing I'd love to see you incorporate in your reviews is a test of loft rather than assuming they are what the manufacturer states they are. As a fitter/club builder myself I put every club that comes in on the loft/lie machine and the quality control of almost every OEM is shocking. Do you have a loft/lie machine at Quest? Don't be surprised to see that Epic Pro or that M1 iron to be 1 or 2 degrees off in either direction from what is stated. This could make a massive difference in these tests….

Rohan Mostert says:

great video series. quick question about the launch monitor data. does the label of 1W or iron alter the algorithms to produce data? the M1 shots shown with the projected flight gives a 1W label to the club whereas the epic pro shots are labelled as iron. if there is changes to algorithms could this explain differences found?

Mike Ferrannini says:

epic looks better to me

K4crasher says:

Wouldn`t your better strike with the Epics equate to more ball speed?

supertuber59 says:

how about some head to head s with players irons?

schwarg says:

I vote Taylormade, Callaways whole "EPIC" marketing campaign is super cringey.

Curtis Polysou says:

The Epic Pros look 1000x better at address. The Epic Pros having 500 rpm less spin despite having 3* higher dynamic loft is pretty alarming IMO. To create ball speed they have sacrificed spin and I'm not sure that's a smart tradeoff for most of us.

David Boddy says:

Just on the looks of those two I much prefer the Epic, um wheres this vote button?

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