Callaway Fairway Woods Through The Years

Callaway fairway woods have been among the best in the industry for years. Every year, the new Callaway fairway woods deliver exceptional performance and forgiveness for golfers of all skill levels.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Jackie Johnson and Drew Mahowald put Callaway fairway woods from the past 15 years to the test. The test includes the Callaway Octane, Callaway Razr Fit, Callaway XR 16, Calaway Mavrik, and Callaway Epic Speed fairway woods.

NOTE: This video was filmed prior to the release of the Callaway Rogue ST family.

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21 thoughts on “Callaway Fairway Woods Through The Years

  1. Had the XR 3 wood since it came out and it's still my favorite. Have tried everything that has come from Callaway and Taylormade since then, and nothing has worked for me. Perhaps it is the shaft that makes the difference. Just bought a second hand XR 3 wood and 5 wood for backup for 65 Euro. So, NEW is'nt always better

  2. So the moral of the story is either, don't blow $300-500 if what you're using is doing the job.
    Or if you're on a budget do some research and pay $50-70 instead

  3. I am really interested in getting a 5 wood to eliminate the 3 wood from my bag. I like the idea of having more control over the flight path, along with not losing much distance.

  4. A few months ago I was able to test the Epic Speed 5w against my current (2016/17) Epic 5w. I was not impressed, there was no meaningful difference between the two clubs. I wasn't expecting a big carry distance improvement, but I thought the newer club might be more forgiving, or maybe was just a bit more consistent, and it was not.

    Last month I was able to test the Stealth 5w which was clearly carrying further than my Epic (lighter shaft) and it felt much more stable. I do wonder whether Callaway has been resting on its laurels where fairway woods are concerned. at least for Jackie the XR16 seems to be the way to go

  5. Jackie doing a better and better job on camera, she has loads to say these days and really knows her stuff :). Drew is always class.

  6. I always enjoy these comparisons. There's a bit of nostalgia for some like myself that played these older clubs and gives owners or perspective buyers of older used clubs how much value there may still be in those clubs compared to their brand new, more expensive counterparts.

  7. Play the lightest shaft possible with the right flex, feel and stability to maximize efficiency and consistency. Ventus is great. I'd like to see lines like that push the lightweight limit.

  8. Their woods/drivers perform well…but they are shockingly ugly. The original Big Bertha was one of the most aesthetically pleasing clubs ever made.

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