TaylorMade Golf Fairway Woods Over The Years

TaylorMade Golf is best known for its metalwoods. TaylorMade golf fairway woods feature some of the best innovation year-in and year-out to deliver the best technology to golfers seeking an explosive, easy-to-hit option.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Jackie Johnson test out several TaylorMade Golf fairway woods from the past 20 years and see how the technology stacks up on Trackman.


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29 thoughts on “TaylorMade Golf Fairway Woods Over The Years

  1. Hey do you think you all could a comparison video on how Toilet paper rolls have change over the past 15 years?? If you think about the roll of the toilet paper roll and how things have changed so drastically over the past 15 years of going to the bathroom that may shed a lot of light on the topic!! Thank you so much.

  2. Love this comparison. The funny thing is, the v steel out of the bunch has the smallest head & your dispersion was the best with it. You said that was the least forgiving out of the bunch. The dispersion was the worst for the ones that you said were more forgiving. This seems inaccurate to me.. if anything the v steel seemed to show the most forgiving than some of the newer clubs.

  3. Ok, we have GOT to talk about the fact that she doesn't like 2 great FWYs already. Get someone in here to properly talk about how great these FWY woods are and were!!

  4. But for real, we gotta talk about homegirl talking trash about that V Steel. That's heresy!! Ha. You should have at least done the V Steel a solid and switched him out of that terrible stock graphite shaft. It's well known that the clubface was terrific, it was just stuck in a terrible shaft. I can tell you from firsthand experience… not a good shaft. Switch it out to an Adila NV and you're dancing! Ha.

  5. This is such a cool video. I always feel like older, cult classic and well loved clubs don't get enough shine in the digital age. Very rarely do we properly look back at good clubs and value clubs that are still great clubs. I especially love the idea of an amateur on a budget watching this video and buying a great club, for a great price, because of this video. Pretty hand in hand with y'all being a secondhand club re-seller.

    More videos like this please!!

  6. I have a G410 3W (with a 5W shaft) that will never leave my bag. It’s great off the tee (when driver is off) and solid off the deck when I’m feeling it on a long par-5. Some would argue that most amateurs should play a 5W over a 3W, but I feel like my set up gives me the best of both.

  7. Not really a fair test as she was clearly warming up as she got to the latest model, should have hit the v steel again last for w true comparison..

  8. Ahhh the memories!! The RBZ was the 1st driver and club I ever bought new. Was able to get the whole RBZ metal woods and even irons. Man I miss them.

  9. Still using the burner 5w. I've tried the SIM max 5w and the sound and feel was awful. Felt so dead, thought it was a counterfeit. Also I just love the shape of the burner – wide and shallow.

  10. The problem with the white crown is it looks good when it is clean, but after a couple of shots you'll start to see some grass marks on the top which are kind of annoying to look at

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