Move Both Elbows The Right Way In The Downswing

Move Both Elbows The Right Way In The Downswing
Alistair Davies Top 25 Uk golf coach shares with you how to start the downswing with the correct elbow function. This is a key move to help shallow the downswing and get the trail elbow in the correct position pre impact. This then leads to the correct relationship of elbow to hand into impact. What you get from this is fantastic club face control through impact. Start moving your elbow better in the golf swing today.
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00:00 hitting demo elbow move
00:10 intro to how to move both elbows the right way
00:50 link Ito trail wrist
01:27 intro to structured ball drill for elbows
02:00 trail wrist extension
02:20 hitting process
02:53 hitting demo
04:36 end

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5 thoughts on “Move Both Elbows The Right Way In The Downswing

  1. Alistair! I have an elastic band that fits above the elbows, not the forearms. I think the desired effect can be obtained using this. Good Job!

  2. You didn't look like you enjoyed using that training aid much ???? is there anything else less specific i.e. for instance would a semi deflated football do a similar job? I'm guessing it may, I'd just like your opinion really.
    A great tip nevertheless as I think I along with thousands of others suffer with the problem your highlighting here so a worthwhile vid all the same

  3. Great video and will have to get my smart ball out again. When used I noticed my shots were pushes and going straight right. Almost felt this made my face open. Any ideas to fix?

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