The Triumphant Return of MacGregor #Golf?

MacGregor #golf is back in business! Get a little golf club history lesson and find out everything there is to know about the new MT-86 irons!

You can read Bill's full review here:
and stay tuned for an on-course video to see how they perform in real life!

Order yours here:

13 thoughts on “The Triumphant Return of MacGregor #Golf?

  1. Nice production! You had some suspence in their and some humor. I thought the old m75's were kind of hokey when I first saw them. Now that wing back look has got me wanting a set. Those are nice clubs.

  2. Nice review and good to see MacGregor back… plus they look beautiful! I play the Macgregor MT Pro M combos with Nippon shafts, super clubs in the right hands. I play to a solid 1 and flirt with scratch the more I get out on the course

  3. Great review. Really pumped to see MacGregors back out there. I am currently using a Macgregor vfoil i3 iron as my driving iron. Complete rocket! I also have a few sets of old Macgregor blades along with early 80s Muirfields. Really pumped that this brand is back, keep up the good work

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