Cameron Champ Why He Hits It So Far! Side View Golf Swing Slow Motion

This is a classic example on what I preach to my players. I’m not gonna diagnose his swing fully. I am just trying to make golf simple not too complex, most teachers do. Things that you should focus on to hit it farther. This is why (below) Champ hits it far.
1. Right leg Straight(extend)
2. Big Shoulder turn
3. Load into your right side
4. Maintain Lag by rotating just your lower body
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23 thoughts on “Cameron Champ Why He Hits It So Far! Side View Golf Swing Slow Motion

  1. Your casual comments about how we should do what CC is doing is comical Bro… there is no one on tour or even this planet that can emulate this kid swing…

  2. Best advice is to focus on square club face before at and past impact. And you'll enjoy this game a long time. Quit focusing on what the pros do unless you're an elite golfer. And have fun.

  3. Very good "modern swing", Iàm to old for this kind of action so I keep my "classic swing" raising the left heel going back. To copy or emulate a swing like Champ`s you must be young,strong and physically capable. Unfortunatly the modern swing destroys more for the average golfer than help him. Resisting with the hips and maximum shoulder turn will ruin the back sooner or later. If you wan`t to copy a swing for a lifetime take a look at Tom Watson. Still playing great at 70. I`ll bet you that Cameron Champ, Rory or Tiger will not even be able to pick a club from the bag when they are 70.

  4. all power depends on tension and distance the clubhead travels…think about punching someone or throwing a ball for distance…most cannot maintain tension, they are either too tight, too loose or a varying combination….also look at his feet…glued to the ground! and the head and Nike logo on hat do not move…that is the most important part of any part of the game…now go practice amap

  5. No good player is worried about all those positions. And we don’t hold anything. He hits it a mile because of his hands. Everyone who can hit it a ton knows how to deliver the hands to the ball. And it’s so contrary to how we were taught, that is hard to convince people it’s mostly in the hands and not all that body stuff.

  6. Came here for a gold lesson and got a grammar lesson from the audience. Now going to watch a grammar lesson video. With my luck a hockey game will break out.
    I won't push this any further. I meant farther 🙂

  7. his hands are not in front it is an illusion because he is coming from inside path ! In reality to acheive distance you have a positive laungh angle +9 deg according to his trackman data

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