Collin Morikawa's PURE Iron Swing | TaylorMade Golf

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Jon D'Alonzo says:

Rewinded this so many times that I still hear the wubs in the audio.

Tarzan says:

Glad he's using what I taught him.

Luke Willett says:

His leading wrist in the down swing is crazy

Graeme Downie says:

Honestly, for me this is the best swing I’ve ever witnessed. It’s sheer perfection.

Evan Thomas says:

anyone know what club this is?

Gaz Davies says:

An inspiration to me. I took the bones from this and improved my confidence hitting irons, not at this level though 😂

Robert Johansson says:

How he lost the tournament with his pure swing btw

Chip and Putt says:

beautiful swing, but he is going to suffer some serious back issues in the future. his hip rotation vs his shoulder rotation at impact is absolutely brutal on the back.

Matt says:

I don't feel as bad raising my trail heel now 🙌🏻

Jeff says:

How does his hip rotation in the backswing compare to other elite golfers? It looks like his hip doesn’t open that much. Also seems like his lead knee is extremely stationary in both views. I have no clue how he’s getting a full turn with seemingly no knee movement.

Raymond Romanski says:

What iron do yall think that is?

Shane Deel says:

His left leg is super straight and jumping off the ground at impact. I need this to get away from the ground instead of 6 inches down in it

Branden Miller says:

Today’s anthony kim

BoomerSooners28 says:

Going to be a legend Hogan like

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