Collin Morikawa's PURE Iron Swing | TaylorMade Golf

Collin Morikawa is known for his premier ball striking ability on the PGA Tour, ranking consistently in the top of the Strokes Gained: Approach-The-Green stat week in and week out. It's easy to see why with his smooth, consistent iron swing here.

14 thoughts on “Collin Morikawa's PURE Iron Swing | TaylorMade Golf

  1. beautiful swing, but he is going to suffer some serious back issues in the future. his hip rotation vs his shoulder rotation at impact is absolutely brutal on the back.

  2. How does his hip rotation in the backswing compare to other elite golfers? It looks like his hip doesn’t open that much. Also seems like his lead knee is extremely stationary in both views. I have no clue how he’s getting a full turn with seemingly no knee movement.

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