4 thoughts on “Cameron Smith iron golf swing DTL PGA 2020 so good

  1. Perfect plane, you can see him checking plane before the shot. The butt end of the grip half way back is pointing at the ball, not to shallow,not to steep. Recently I’ve been seeing to much about shallowing the club, which will help some who are to steep but they never seem to mention the fact you can get to shallow or to steep. There’s always a happy medium with all golf positions. In fact the majority of great players had that perfect plane with the grip pointing at the ball, very few excessively shallowed or dropped the club way inside. yet it’s what I keep seeing from YouTube “instructors”, they’re trying to get beginners to excessively shallow the club and they don’t explain both ends of the spectrum. It’s always just “drop inside, shallow the club” making it seem like the more you do it, the better you’ll play but that’s simply false, theres a slot you can get under or over (assuming straight shot). To hook the ball you’ll be on the lower side of that slot and for fades the higher side of that slot generally, but you can just alter your setup with the exact same swing&plane to hit all different shot shapes too.

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